128GB iPhone Has Plenty of Space: Apple Touts Cloud Storage

Apple’s Latest Marketing Video and Storage Dilemma

Apple has recently released a new promotional video emphasizing that even the 128GB iPhone 15 can easily meet users’ daily storage needs, especially when paired with iCloud storage services for storing a vast amount of photos and videos effortlessly.

However, following Apple’s promotional logic, the 128GB iPhone 15 seems to be sufficient for various needs. But the reality is that just a single WeChat application may stretch this 128GB storage space to its limits.

128GB iPhone has plenty of space - Apple touts cloud storage

Looking at the current storage configurations of the iPhone 15 series, we find that even the Pro version starts from 128GB, with only the Pro Max version offering a higher starting storage of 256GB.

However, users seem unconvinced by Apple’s marketing approach. After all, whether purchasing iCloud storage services or upgrading phone memory, users need to pay additional fees. This raises the question: Who is Apple expecting to foot the bill for these extra costs?

In conclusion, while Apple highlights in its marketing that the 128GB iPhone 15 is sufficient for users’ storage needs, real-life applications and data requirements might push this storage space to its limits. Therefore, users still need to weigh the pros and cons based on their actual needs when making a choice.

Source: Chinaz

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