Some iPhone users face autocorrect issues after updating to iOS 17.4

Date and Time: 2024-03-19 08:20:27

Author: Yao Liwei


Some iPhone users have reported that after upgrading to iOS 17.4, the “Auto-Correction” feature in settings is not functioning properly. These issues seem to mainly affect older iPhone models such as the iPhone X, XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 users. However, some international media teams have not encountered any related issues during their testing.

It is currently unclear which specific iPhone models are affected. Apple is planning to release an update to iOS/iPadOS 17.4.1 in the coming days with the version number 21E235. This update is aimed at fixing some bugs and security vulnerabilities present in the previous versions, thus potentially resolving the “Auto-Correction” issue.

Moreover, based on user feedback, Apple is actively investigating and addressing this issue, with a possibility of fixing it in upcoming updates.

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