Apple & Google Team Up: New iPhone Feature

The Future of AI in Smartphones: Apple and Google May Collaborate on Gemini for iPhones

In the year 2024, smartphones have started to form an inseparable bond with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For instance, OPPO has announced its entry into the era of AI smartphones, while Meizu has begun selling AI terminals. Brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo are all incorporating AI large models into their smartphones.

Apple, known for being one of the first manufacturers to introduce a voice assistant on phones, has fallen behind its competitors. Perhaps feeling that its competitors are progressing too rapidly, Apple seems to be gearing up to enter the AI realm on smartphones as well.

In fact, there are rumors circulating that Apple is currently in talks with Google, and the iPhone may come equipped with Gemini.

According to insiders, the two companies are actively negotiating to integrate Google’s artificial intelligence engine, Gemini AI, into the iPhone. Once this collaboration is achieved, it is believed that iPhone software will undergo significant advancements, offering users a multitude of new and exciting experiences.

Apple and Google Team Up

Image Source: Weibo @Pear Video

Apple has been making frequent strides in AI recently.

Earlier, there were reports in the media stating that Apple has been working on and testing a large language model codenamed Ajax to compete against other large models, although its technology seems to fall short compared to its competitors.

However, just a few days ago, the Apple team unveiled a multimodal model named MM1, with image recognition and language reasoning capabilities, offering three parameter scales of 3 billion, 7 billion, and 30 billion.

In conclusion, compared to other major manufacturers, Apple started late in the field of AI and its capabilities are lacking. Thus, choosing to collaborate directly with existing large models can be seen as a wise move.

As for the rumored collaboration with Apple, is the AI Gemini formidable? To be frank, it is indeed!

Google officially describes Gemini as: “The most powerful, universal, and flexible multimodal artificial intelligence large model in history.”

Google Gemini

Image Source: Google

Currently, Gemini has released three versions:

  • Gemini Ultra: The largest in scale, most powerful in function, and most efficient device-end task model.
  • Gemini Pro: The optimal model for various task extensions.
  • Gemini Nano: The most efficient model for mobile devices.

Compared to the familiar GPT-4, Gemini’s benchmark tests are almost universally ahead of GPT-4.

In MMLU (massive multi-task language understanding) testing, Gemini scored a high 90.0%, becoming the first large model to surpass human experts. Gemini can flexibly understand, manipulate, and combine text, images, code, videos, and other information.

Altogether, Gemini is truly impressive!

Google Gemini Model

Image Source: Google

Following the integration of Gemini into future iPhones, users can expect more intelligent handling of phone calls, assistance in replying to messages, efficient task management, and even one-click beautification of images, removing passersby or other complex image manipulations.

It must be acknowledged that artificial intelligence is undeniably convenient~

Benefits of AI in iPhones

Image Source: Google

The emergence of artificial intelligence has brought about significant changes to the world, where now almost everything can be AI-enabled. Considering smartphones, which are among the most frequently used devices, it is hoped that Apple can catch up soon and deliver a satisfactory outcome.

However, the Chinese version of the iPhone may incorporate more locally relevant AI large models. Do users have a demand for smartphones to integrate AI? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

Cover Image Source: Google

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