Honor Magic6 Ultimate: 5600mAh Battery!

Honor Unveils New Flagship Smartphones in Spring 2024

On March 18, 2024, according to several tech media outlets, Honor, the smartphone manufacturer, held a spring flagship product launch event. During this event, the newest members of the Honor Magic6 series, Honor Magic6 Ultimate and Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design, were officially introduced. Among them, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate, as the top flagship in the Honor Magic series, made a breakthrough in technology boundaries, taking the flagship smartphone’s technological capabilities to a new level. It achieved ultimate performance in imaging, display, battery life, communication, performance, and AI experience, providing a higher-end product choice for consumers pursuing ultimate innovation and excellence.

Honor Magic6


Specifically, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate is 8.9mm thick, weighing 227g. In terms of color options, this model is available in two colors: Rock Black and Sky Purple. As leaked information on the internet suggested, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate features a 6.8-inch curved waterfall display with a resolution of 2800×1280, 453 PPI, supporting LTPO 1~120Hz dynamic refresh rate adjustment, and 4320Hz ultra-high-frequency PWM dimming. The dynamic refresh rate on the phone adjusts automatically based on the content displayed on the screen to provide better display quality and energy efficiency. While high refresh rates offer a smoother experience, they also pose power consumption challenges.

Therefore, when there is minimal content change or stillness on the screen, the refresh rate decreases automatically to save battery power. In scenarios requiring smoother displays, the refresh rate increases to deliver a more fluid picture and scrolling effect. Moreover, to meet the needs of high-end flagship smartphone users, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate has a tenfold drop resistance and supports tenfold scratch resistance. The scratch resistance performance is 10 times higher than the first-generation microcrystalline glass and 3 times higher than the Corning Gorilla Glass.

Honor Magic6


In terms of core specifications, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 flagship chip. In terms of basic performance architecture, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 adopts a more mature TSMC 4nm process technology. The core configuration shows significant changes with a maximum CPU frequency of 3.3GHz and a new 1+5+2 layout, adding an additional performance core compared to the previous 1+4+3 layout. Additionally, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 features game supersampling technologies similar to DLSS, FSR, and XeSS, allowing mobile games to achieve resolutions up to 8K. Coupled with a maximum 240Hz refresh rate and new real-time global lighting and reflection technologies, it rivals high-end PC graphics cards.

In terms of camera setup, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate boasts a new single-camera ultra-dynamic eagle-eye setup, featuring the industry’s first 50MP ultra-dynamic eagle-eye main camera H9800 (OV50K from Hawkeye, 1/1.3″, 15EV dynamic range, F1.4-2.0 variable aperture, OIS), a 180MP periscope telephoto lens, a 50MP ultra-wide-angle macro lens, and a 1200-point laser radar autofocus system. From my perspective, the camera specifications of the Honor Magic6 Ultimate exhibit a clear competitive edge, such as the rare 180MP camera present in the current smartphone market.

Honor Magic6


For charging and battery life, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate houses a 5600mAh battery, supporting 80W wired fast charging and 66W wireless charging, with IP68 water and dust resistance. In my opinion, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate stands out with its long battery life compared to other models in the same category. Additionally, this high-end flagship model from Honor also supports the Hongyan satellite phone technology, enabling two-way voice calls and point-to-point messaging.

In terms of pricing, the Honor Magic6 Ultimate comes in two versions: the 16GB RAM+512GB model is priced at 6999 yuan, while the 16GB RAM+1TB model is priced at 7699 yuan, competing with high-end products from Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Samsung, and other manufacturers.

Furthermore, the hardware configuration of the Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design remains largely consistent with the Honor Magic6 Ultimate, including the Honor Diamond Giant Rhino Glass, single-camera ultra-dynamic eagle-eye system, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 flagship chip. As for pricing, the Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design is available in a single version: 24GB RAM+1TB priced at 9999 yuan. Now, the question arises: How do you view the newly released Honor Magic6 Ultimate series?

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