Embrace AI Wave: Honor Magic6 Series Launch, Tech Innovation Showcase

On March 18, at the Honor Spring Flagship New Product Launch Event, a brand-new AI-enabled all-scenario strategy was officially introduced to the domestic market. It includes the introduction of platform-level AI empowerment, a human-centric cross-operating system experience, a new human-machine interaction based on intent recognition, and a series of smart devices such as the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition, the Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design, and the AI PC Honor MagicBook Pro 16, all resonating with global industry innovation.

It is worth mentioning that at the earlier MWC, Honor won the GLOMO Best Product Award at MWC 2024 for its outstanding innovation and experience with the Honor Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design and its outstanding AI performance at the platform and system levels. The launch of these new products and the announcement of the AI-enabled all-scenario strategy further demonstrate Honor’s determination and strength in combining China’s excellent industry resources with global innovation.

During the event, the CEO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., Zhao Ming, stated: “Honor is creating a platform-level AI, which is the foundational core capability for Honor to lead this AI revolution and build the underlying AI experience for consumers in the future. Honor’s thinking and practices in AI will lead the entire industry chain. We firmly believe that by solidly building underlying technological advantages and integrating China’s industry chain with global innovation through open and closed competition, breakthrough hardware innovation and better user experiences can be achieved.”

Since 2016, Honor has been laying the groundwork for AI and introduced the Magic Live intelligent system, opening the door to AI operating systems on mobile phones, laying the foundation for intent recognition human-machine interactions. By 2022, on MagicOS 7.0, Honor built a platform-level AI, further exploring intent recognition human-machine interactions. With seven years of exploration, Honor’s forward-looking approach has placed Honor at the forefront in the field of mobile AI technology. At this event, Honor unveiled a new AI-enabled all-scenario strategy, clearly showcasing Honor’s new AI strategic architecture.

During the event, Honor’s AI strategy divided the intelligence of its terminals into four layers. The first layer enables AI to integrate across systems, allowing different operating systems to make decisions through AI, achieving seamless connectivity and data sharing among devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs. The second layer reconstructs the operating system using AI, making phones more intuitive and user-friendly over time. The new human-machine interaction method based on intent recognition is a typical outcome. The third layer involves AI applications on the terminal side, such as image editing, photo rendering, and document summarization, and the fourth layer focuses on AI terminal-cloud cooperation, showcasing the application of large-scale AI models in the network.

As one of the earliest terminal manufacturers to invest in AI, Honor has always adhered to the value concept of “openness and win-win cooperation” and leads global tech cooperation trends through continuous innovation. Honor’s development of platform-level AI empowers different devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, wearables, with cross-device and cross-operating system platform-level AI capabilities, turning open operating systems like Android, Windows, IoT into a unified ecosystem. Thanks to Honor’s leading mindset and strategy, world-class AI companies like Microsoft, Qualcomm, Intel, and NVIDIA are attracted to share their optimal technologies, capabilities, and innovations, pushing forward the development of “platform-level AI” alongside Honor. This approach enables Honor to possess the strength to compete with closed ecosystems and deliver experiences on par with or even surpassing closed ecosystems.

Honor’s AI prowess is the result of continuous technological deepening and investment. Thus far, Honor has accumulated over 100 billion in AI R&D expenses and has achieved over 2,000 AI patents. With the support of platform-level AI in a multi-modal ecosystem, utilizing AI to drive cross-system collaboration and interaction can rapidly recognize and understand user intent across different systems and devices, bringing pioneering experiences to phones and AI PCs. This integration of AI truly ushers in a new era of PC interaction, entering the AI PC era.

Leading the high-quality development of the industry chain, Honor is resonating with global innovation through continuous technological empowerment and collaborative innovation. As Honor CEO Zhao Ming stated, “Honor’s chosen path of development is to utilize the world’s best industry resources to create the strongest products. We aim to harness various knowledge from the tech sector and build an open system to continually strengthen China’s industry chain on a foundation of scale and industrialization.”

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