OV Fold Paused; Honor Flip Coming, Not Huawei P2!

Honor Prepares to Release Flip Foldable Screen Phone to Compete with Huawei

In accordance with the tradition of Huawei and Honor series, after each new product launch event, there will be media interviews. The Honor Magic6 series spring new product launch is no exception. This time, Honor made a major revelation by confirming the development of a Flip foldable screen phone. It is expected to be released as early as the second quarter of this year, showing its readiness to compete head-on with companies like Huawei.


During a media interview, Honor’s CEO, Zhao Ming, mentioned that indeed a Flip foldable screen phone is expected to be introduced in 2024, with a possible debut in the earliest by the second quarter. Honor has always focused on unique product experiences in the world of small foldable screen products, ensuring that this new product will bring about distinctive value to the users.

Public information reveals that currently, companies like Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Motorola, and others have released small foldable screen phones. However, each company’s positioning and product philosophy vary significantly from one another.


Taking Motorola as an example, they have targeted business users with several generations of products, aiming to compete with other brands in the realm of large foldable screens. Despite launching two mid-range phones last year and even with the endorsement of a female celebrity, its sales only showed a slight increase compared to the previous generation, falling far behind the competition from other domestic manufacturers, which has been largely disregarded in the market.


Other major brands have also ventured into the small foldable screen phone market, targeting female users specifically. For a period, they achieved remarkable sales, with OPPO’s Find N Flip series even becoming the champion in the same category. The reason behind the booming sales of these brands is mainly because Huawei did not iterate its products last year. In the absence of a strong competitor, they could secure decent sales. However, with the return of Huawei, industry insiders claim that these brands have temporarily halted the research and development of small foldable screen products. Up to now, there has been no official clarification or denial from both parties.


In the small foldable screen market, only Samsung and Huawei are considered major players. The former dominates the global market in terms of sales, while the latter leads the domestic market. New entrants can only compete with these two brands. Particularly for Huawei, the Pocket 2 released in February this year has achieved impressive sales and reputation in the market. Coupled with the Kirin 9000S processor, it will be challenging for competitors to match Huawei’s performance in terms of sales.


Considering the difficulty of surpassing Huawei, Honor aims to differentiate itself through its development. Industry insiders have disclosed that the Honor foldable screen phone will establish its uniqueness and be highly favored by its target audience. It can be said that it is fundamentally distinct from its competitors. Therefore, Honor is not afraid of direct competition with Huawei, making its foldable screen product more competitive.

Under normal circumstances, the first small foldable screen phone from Honor is expected to be released in the second quarter of this year, likely to coincide with the launch of the next-generation digital series. The Honor 110 series (tentative name) and the new Flip product are primarily targeted towards female users, aiming to help Honor maintain its leading position in the domestic market. How will they perform specifically? We will have to wait for the official release to find out.

Hey, what do you think, can the Honor small foldable screen phone compete head-on with Huawei?

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