Xiaomi sees 19% price jump; Lu Weibing hints at breaking into the $600-1000 range this year.

Xiaomi Makes Striking Progress in High-End Smartphone Market

Global Tech News – Xiaomi’s recent financial report has brought remarkable news: in 2023, Xiaomi made significant progress in the high-end smartphone market. The average selling price of Xiaomi smartphones in mainland China increased by more than 19% compared to the previous year, reaching a historical high. This growth signifies a solid step in Xiaomi’s strategy towards advancing into the high-end market segment.

Xiaomi Financial Report

According to the financial data, Xiaomi’s share of high-end smartphones in total smartphone shipments exceeded 20% last year, a proportion unprecedented in previous years. This growth not only reflects market recognition of Xiaomi’s high-end products but also demonstrates the effectiveness of Xiaomi’s efforts in improving product quality and brand image.

During the conference call following the release of the financial report, Xiaomi’s President Lu Weibing expressed full confidence in Xiaomi’s steadfast push towards the high-end segment in the smartphone business. He specifically highlighted that in the Chinese market, Xiaomi has already crossed price ranges of 4000 to 5000 yuan and 5000 to 6000 yuan, aiming to break into the price range of 6000 to 10,000 yuan this year. This indicates Xiaomi’s intention to challenge the higher price segments, engaging in more direct competition with premium brands like Apple and Samsung.

Lu Weibing’s statement undeniably sends a strong signal to the market: Xiaomi will continue to accelerate its path towards high-end products, striving to secure a place in the global high-end smartphone market. For consumers, this also means a promising future with more high-quality and high-performance Xiaomi smartphones to choose from.

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