Mind Link? Musk’s Neural Interface Moves Chess Cursor by Thought

According to reports from Overseas Network citing the New York Post, on March 20th, local time, Musk’s brain-machine interface company conducted a live broadcast on the latest developments of its first brain-chip implanted subject. The company stated that the paralyzed man is now able to play games by just using his thoughts. He can move a cursor on the screen to the desired location by simply imagining it.

Playing chess by thoughts

Abboff playing chess by thoughts (Source: The Paper)

The report mentioned that Nolan Abboff, a 29-year-old, is the first human patient of the brain-machine experiment. He became paralyzed from the shoulders down due to a diving accident 8 years ago. After the brain implant, Abboff mentioned that he can now control a computer cursor, play chess, and play the game “Civilization VI” using his thoughts.

During the live broadcast on March 20th, Abboff described his process of learning to use the brain-machine interface. He said, “I would try to move my right hand, left, right, forward, back, and then start imagining the cursor moving from there.”

As he moved the chess pieces, he said, “If you can all see the cursor moving, yes, that’s me, pretty cool, right?” Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude for being the first test subject of the brain-machine interface, stating that “it has already changed my life.”

Kip Allan Ludwig, co-director of the University of Wisconsin’s Translational Neuromuscular Engineering Institute, commented, “I am happy for him because he can interact with computers in ways that were not possible before the implantation.” In regard to the technology itself, Ludwig mentioned, “Compared to what others have demonstrated before, this is not a breakthrough. But it is certainly a good starting point.”

Elon Musk

Elon Musk (Source: The Paper)

Information reveals that the core of brain-machine interfaces is a new communication and control technology established between the human or animal brain and computers or other electronic devices, independently from the conventional brain information output pathways (peripheral nerves and muscle tissues). Neuralink, a company under Elon Musk, is researching this field. Their goal is to achieve “brain-to-machine interaction” by developing a device that can be implanted in the brain.

According to Musk, the first product of Neuralink, the one used by Abboff, is called “Telepathy”. The chip implanted in Abboff contains 1000 electrodes that collect data on brain neural activity and motor intentions through programming. This data is then sent to Neuralink’s computer for decoding, translating thoughts into actions.

The company’s next product will assist blind people in regaining vision, called “Blindsight”. “Even if someone has lost their eyes and optic nerves, Neuralink can help them see again.”

Integrated News Source: Overseas Network, The Paper, First Financial, Caijing Society

(Source: Integrated News)

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