Xiaomi Civi4 Pro Out! From $2999! Snapdragon 8s, Leica, Top Selfie

The Xiaomi Civi4 Pro has officially been launched, and it seems the phone’s specs and pricing have pleasantly surprised many, coming in lower than early speculation suggested. This makes the Xiaomi Civi4 Pro a remarkably unique entry in today’s smartphone market, and its distinctiveness isn’t just about its competitive price point.

Starting with the price, the Xiaomi Civi4 Pro comes in three variants. The base model with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage is priced at approximately $433 (2999 CNY); the mid-spec model with 12GB RAM and 512GB storage is around $476 (3299 CNY), and the high-end variant sporting 16GB RAM and 512GB storage is priced at about $520 (3599 CNY).

The Xiaomi Civi4 Pro is available in four stunning colors, with Spring Field Green being the highlight and the first to sell out. This version features a complex two-material design. Other color options include Blue, Pink, and Classic Black, catering to varied user preferences.

The phone’s slim and lightweight design deserves special mention. With a flagship-like full equal depth curved screen, the phone presents a nearly flat display with just a slight curvature on the glass edges. It boasts a slim 7.45mm profile and weighs just 179.3 grams, making it one of the most compact devices on the market.

On the hardware front, its biggest highlight is the Snapdragon 8s Gen3 chipset, promising flagship-level performance. This powerful processor offers robust ISP and AI capabilities that support the Xiaomi Civi4 Pro’s key features, setting a new standard beyond what its predecessors could offer.

The display is another strong point, featuring a high-quality 1.5K resolution screen with a peak brightness of 3000 nits and 2160Hz PWM dimming. The 6.55-inch screen size positions it comfortably between Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more compact device.

A noteworthy improvement in the Xiaomi Civi4 Pro is the inclusion of stereo speakers, a feature often missed in selfie-centric phones due to space constraints. Additionally, it doesn’t skimp on other essential features like infrared remote control functionality and NFC.

Photography is a key selling point of the Xiaomi Civi4 Pro. It boasts the most affordable Leica imaging system and stands as the strongest selfie phone at its price point. Competing models from the vivo S series and OPPO Reno series struggle to match its comprehensive hardware offerings.

The rear camera setup includes a primary “Hunter of Light 800” sensor with an f/1.65 large aperture for impressive light intake and natural bokeh effects. Additionally, it features a 12MP ultra-wide and a 50MP portrait camera, bolstered by Leica’s image tuning and optimization across three focal lengths – truly a photographer’s delight.

The front camera setup doesn’t lag behind, with dual 32MP sensors catering to both standard and wide-angle selfie requirements, further refined by collaborative optimization for superior selfie quality.

With Xiaomi’s latest AISP technology, both front and rear cameras achieve remarkable imaging performance. This makes the Xiaomi Civi4 Pro an unbeatable choice for photography enthusiasts not wanting to splurge on high-end flagship models.

For vloggers, the phone supports 4K video recording, with the front camera supporting up to 4K 30FPS. It features native skin-beautifying effects and Leica’s cinematic color grading, making it an ideal choice for content creators.

In terms of battery life, the 4700mAh battery supports over a day of use, with 67W fast charging to keep up with users on the go, balancing performance with its sleek design.

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Civi4 Pro is an exceptional “lightweight” flagship in every sense, outperforming its peers in the selfie-focused flagship arena. With solid performance, stereo speakers, and comprehensive photography prowess, it stands as a no-compromise selfie flagship. At its price point, it democratisizes high-end photography features for a wider audience, making it an extraordinary product in a category all its own.

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