$449! Lu Weibing: Mi Civi 4 Pro may be 2024’s thinnest phone

Xiaomi Reveals Mi Civi 4 Pro: Possibly the Thinnest Phone of 2024

On March 22, Lu Weibing from Xiaomi announced on Weibo that the Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro could potentially be the thinnest and lightest phone in 2024.

This phone boasts a thickness of only 7.45mm and a weight of 179.3g. Despite its ultra-slim body, the Civi 4 Pro is equipped with a large 4700mAh battery, providing up to 1.4 days of battery life as per official tests.


As for the display, the Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro adopts the same fully equal micro-curved screen as the 14 Pro for the first time, combining the advantages of curved and flat screens. With a screen size of 6.55 inches and a resolution of 2750*1236, it boasts a peak brightness of 3000nit, uses a new generation C8 luminescent material, and supports features like 2160Hz PWM+DC dimming.

In terms of core specifications, the Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro debuts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s chip, which is the third generation defined jointly by Xiaomi and Qualcomm. Built on TSMC’s 4nm process, the CPU clocks up to 3.0GHz, matching the power of the current strongest third-generation Snapdragon 8. It stands as the most powerful Civi phone in history.

This device is already available for pre-order on various platforms with a starting price of 2999 yuan.


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