Huawei Mate 60 Series Not Discontinued!

Huawei’s Mate 60 Series: Rumors of Discontinuation Clarified

Huawei considers the Mate 60 series as a significant milestone in its mobile phone domain. Ever since its initial release in August last year, the series has been in high demand, with shortages persisting till now. Even with the upcoming release of the P70 series in April, online buyers are still showing interest in the Mate 60 series, leading to third-party sellers increasing prices. This indicates that while the supply may be insufficient, the device is far from being phased out. However, a recent online rumor about the Mate 60 series being discontinued has left many people bewildered.

In reality, many individuals initially doubted the authenticity of this news since the Mate 60 series has only been on the market for about half a year, giving Huawei no apparent reason to take such action. Fortunately, a Huawei insider refuted these claims online, stating that the Mate 60 series has not been discontinued, affirming that production has been ongoing. Although this clarification did not come from Huawei’s official channels, given the informant’s credibility in the industry, it’s reasonable to consider this refutation as trustworthy.

Huawei Mate 60 Series

Not only renowned bloggers but also major media outlets have debunked the rumors of the Mate 60 series discontinuation. Hence, there is no need to propagate this matter any further.

Huawei Mate 60 Series

When contemplating the situation, it becomes evident that a product with a significant user base would not be discontinued without a compelling reason. Throughout the smartphone market’s history, it’s rare for a model to be abruptly discontinued before completing a year.

Selling a high-priced flagship model in huge quantities without a launch event is a feat accomplished uniquely by Huawei. Currently, there is substantial demand in the market for the Mate 60 series. While some models may experience shortages, the swift discontinuation seems highly improbable. So, how did this rumor surface?

Some speculate that industry competition may have triggered this rumor. However, it seems unlikely that any reputable manufacturer would spread such unreliable information. The halt of a popular model could generate a sense of urgency among buyers, potentially boosting sales. This strategy would not benefit competitors, reducing the likelihood of them fabricating false news.

Huawei Mate 60 Series

It’s more likely that obscure media outlets concocted false news to attract traffic, disseminating to individuals, such as bloggers, solely concerned with garnering attention, without verifying the authenticity of the information. Despite the imminent debunking, these individuals understand that any rumor followed by an official denial generates traction, leading to increased traffic and profits. Hence, some individuals prioritize this outcome over the accuracy of the news.

While the day may come for the Mate 60 series to be discontinued, it is highly unlikely to happen this year or even the next. Even if Huawei needs to free up capacity for the forthcoming P70 series, discontinuation seems unnecessary. Huawei’s capabilities enable them to expand production lines to meet P70 demands adequately, rather than resorting to discontinuation strategies.

Huawei Mate 60 Series

Admittedly, if Huawei were to officially announce not only the Mate 60 series continues production but also increases capacity to meet market demands, it would effectively counter these erroneous rumors.

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