Apple & Baidu in AI Talks for iOS 18

The Rise of AI Collaboration between Apple and Baidu in China

Since 2024, with the booming development of generative AI technology, many smartphone manufacturers have been intensifying their efforts to incorporate related technologies and launch various AI-enabled smartphones. It has been reported that Apple is also set to enter this field.

Apple and Baidu in AI talks

Recently, foreign media outlets have revealed that Apple is in talks with Baidu to collaborate on large-scale AI models. This collaboration is likely aimed at meeting the AI requirements of Chinese users in the upcoming iOS 18 system. Earlier reports indicated that Apple is also in discussions with Google to integrate Google’s “Gemini” model into the iOS 18 system that is set to be released soon. Given Google’s absence from the Chinese market, to provide AI functionality within the iOS 18 system in China, Apple needs to partner with a local AI technology provider.

Apple and Baidu in AI talks

It is known that in March 2023, Baidu introduced a new generation of large language model called “Wenxin Yiyun,” which excelled in five usage scenarios including literary creation, commercial copywriting, mathematical reasoning, Chinese comprehension, and multimodal generation. In April 2024, an upgraded version of Wenxin Yiyun will be released, adding the capability to process long texts with a range of 2 to 5 million characters. Currently, Wenxin Yiyun has a text limit of approximately 28,000 characters.

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