Apple’s Vision Pro Coming to China!

Apple’s Vision Pro to be Released in Mainland China Market

According to state media (CCTV Finance), Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that Apple’s VR headset Vision Pro will be launched in the mainland China market this year. Cook also mentioned that Apple will continue to expand its research and development investments in the Chinese region.

Apple Vision Pro

Original report:

At the China Development Senior Forum 2024 annual meeting opening today, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook exclusively responded to questions from the Financial Program Center of the main station by stating that Apple’s Apple Vision Pro headset product will be launched in the Chinese market within this year, and at the same time, the company is continuously increasing its investment in research and development in China.

During the subsequent “Carbon Neutrality and Global Climate Governance Symposium,” Cook mentioned in his speech that Apple, together with all its supply chain partners, has utilized over 15 gigawatts of renewable energy. This is a vast project covering various regions globally. As most of the supply chain companies are located in China, many of these projects are also in China.

Apple Vision Pro

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