Huawei’s New Patent: Lip-Reading for Smart Driving Alerts

Recently, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has unveiled a new patent related to “methods, devices, and intelligent driving equipment for alerts.”

▲ Image explaining Huawei’s new patent, same as below.

According to the patent abstract, the alert device in the intelligent driving equipment determines the user’s lip feature information based on the first lip image information, which is obtained by the first camera. The alert device inputs the first lip feature information into a lip-reading alert model to obtain the first alert information. Subsequently, the alert device triggers an alert based on this first alert information.

Through this method, when users face threats from people or objects outside the vehicle, the vehicle can recognize the user’s lip movements and issue alerts, thereby ensuring the user’s personal safety.

In recent years, Huawei has filed multiple new patents related to intelligent driving and human-machine interaction. For instance, in March last year, Huawei unveiled a new patent for “controlling vehicle ambient lights based on user’s heart rate.” In August last year, Huawei disclosed a patent for steering wheel gesture control, claiming it can “execute multiple functions with a few unique commands.” In October last year, Huawei introduced a smart cockpit patent that “provides scenario-based services based on intimacy with the vehicle owner.”

Apart from designing new vehicles in collaboration with Siles and Chery, Huawei is set to introduce models like Enjoy S9 in cooperation with BAIC this year. Whether these new patents will be integrated into actual products remains to be seen.

Source: Financial News

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