Huawei’s Snapdragon 680, Huawei: $300, OPPO: $100

Exploring the OPPO A36: A Blend of Performance and Value

In the world of smartphones, high performance and high prices seem to be the standard pursued by many brands. However, in this rapidly evolving market, products offering high cost-performance ratio often attract consumers’ attention more. This time, I would like to delve deeper into a smartphone that combines mid-range performance with great value for money — the OPPO A36. Before discussing this product, let’s first talk about its “heart” — the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 Processor

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor, positioned in the mid-range market, has gained good feedback in the market due to its outstanding performance and energy efficiency. The Huawei nova 11 SE, which is one of the products equipped with this processor, is priced at over 2000 yuan, proving the competitiveness of the Snapdragon 680 in the mid-range market. Some reviewers even say that the Snapdragon 680 with HarmonyOS is as smooth as the Snapdragon 8Gen2. However, when we shift our focus to the OPPO A36, the performance of this phone can be described as “taking it a step further.” With a price of less than 700 yuan, featuring the same powerful Snapdragon 680 processor, the OPPO A36 undoubtedly brings a breath of fresh air to the mid-range market.

OPPO A36 Smartphone

OPPO A36 not only attracts attention with its processor but also comes with a large 5000mAh battery, providing strong support for battery life. Whether for extended video playback or daily heavy use, users won’t feel anxious about battery life. Moreover, paired with a 90Hz high refresh rate screen, whether scrolling through web pages or playing games, it offers a smoother visual experience. Such configuration at this price point can be considered quite rare among phones of the same range.

Battery and Screen of OPPO A36

Speaking of design, the OPPO A36 also excels. It adopts a streamer crystal diamond process, not only presenting a unique light and shadow effect on the back of the phone under the light but also putting a lot of effort into craftsmanship, resulting in an ultra-light and thin body design. With a thickness of only 8.4mm and a weight of 185g, this phone feels exceptionally comfortable in hand, whether placed in a pocket or held for extended periods.

Design of OPPO A36

As for the screen, the OPPO A36 is equipped with a 6.56-inch perforated screen, ensuring a sufficiently large visual experience area while making the front panel of the phone look cleaner, thereby increasing the screen-to-body ratio. For users who enjoy watching videos or playing games, this screen undoubtedly provides a more immersive experience.

Screen of OPPO A36

Priced at only 669 yuan, the OPPO A36 stands out in terms of configuration and design within this price range. Compared to other products at the same price point in the market, whether in terms of performance, battery life, screen, or design, the OPPO A36 demonstrates strength comparable to higher-priced phones. This is thanks to OPPO’s in-depth understanding of its products and the precise grasp of consumer needs, making the OPPO A36 not just a high cost-performance ratio phone but also a product that satisfies users’ daily needs and is equally attractive in appearance.

Furthermore, the OPPO A36 has put considerable effort into software and user experience. Based on the Android system, ColorOS provides a smooth, intuitive operation experience, as well as rich customization options. From system-level optimizations to detailed interface design, it embodies OPPO’s focus on user experience. Such a software environment, combined with powerful hardware performance, allows the OPPO A36 to easily handle various daily usage scenarios, whether it’s browsing social media, watching online videos, or gaming, providing users with a delightful experience.

Software and User Experience of OPPO A36

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, with its excellent performance, long battery life, smooth user experience, elegant design, and competitive price, the OPPO A36 stands out in the low-end market. It is a wise investment by OPPO in the low-end market strategy and proof of its precise understanding of consumer demands. For consumers who care about cost-performance ratio and seek a high-quality user experience, the OPPO A36 is undoubtedly a very worthwhile option to consider.

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