Xiaomi Auto: Lei Jun’s Latest Update

On March 23rd, Lei Jun announced on Weibo that regarding the reliability of Xiaomi’s smart driving system, the executives had tested it personally. Xiaomi’s top management has collectively participated in road tests, accumulating over 100,000 kilometers. Among them, Lei Jun himself has taken part in over ten tests, covering a distance of over 3,000 kilometers. Xiaomi has invested in a total of 576 test vehicles, operating in 300 cities nationwide. From the extreme low temperature of -40℃ in Heihe to the scorching heat of 60℃ in Turpan, spanning a temperature difference of 100℃, and even conducting plateau tests at an altitude of 4768 meters in Kunlun Mountain.

Xiaomi Auto

Image Source: Weibo

Lei Jun further commented that the cost of the test vehicles is very high, with the initial batch costing over 2 million RMB per vehicle, gradually approaching the cost of mass-produced vehicles.

The Xiaomi SU7 will be officially launched on March 28th. 59 stores in 29 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Changsha will start accepting reservations on March 25th, three days in advance.

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