800 Lei Jun-inspired workwear sold out instantly! Xiaomi car merch is hot.

Xiaomi Founder’s Workwear Inspired by the Unveiling of Xiaomi Car Factory Sells Out Instantly

On March 25th, Xiaomi’s founder and CEO, Lei Jun, revealed that he recently posted a video of the official unveiling of the Xiaomi car factory. To his surprise, many friends showed interest in the workwear he was wearing and inquired if it was available for purchase. After some discussion, they decided to meet their friends’ expectations by offering a limited edition of 800 pieces for sale on the Xiaomi Mall. The workwear was priced at 299 yuan and is currently listed as “sold out” on the Xiaomi Mall.

Screenshot from an E-commerce Platform

On March 19th, Lei Jun announced, “The Xiaomi Car Super Factory is officially unveiled. This time, the board of directors chose to convene at the Xiaomi car factory, where they visited the factory and test-drove the Xiaomi SU7.” In the photos, Xiaomi’s board of directors were all dressed in workwear.

Subsequently, Lei Jun posted several Weibo posts wearing workwear. Lei Jun mentioned, “I really like this piece of workwear myself. It’s very comfortable to wear and suitable for everyday spring wear.”

Screenshot from an E-commerce Platform

In the afternoon of March 25th, Lei Jun announced the availability of 800 pieces of workwear. The workwear, priced at 299 yuan, was labeled as “Xiaomi Car Factory Unveiling Limited Edition Commemorative Edition” and offered in sizes ranging from S to XXXL. Currently, the Xiaomi Mall shows that it is “sold out.” Some “Mi Fans” expressed their disappointment, saying it sold out too quickly. Many netizens asked when it would be restocked.

This Xiaomi car workwear became a “hot item” due to its design. It features a race suit-style stand-up collar design, showcasing a professional and crisp style. The workwear cleverly incorporates elements of the Xiaomi car factory’s latitude and longitude, along with the classic Xiaomi logo and letter logo. Reflective strips were added to the hem for enhanced safety when worn at night. Additionally, the official promotion emphasized its suitability for spring daily wear, whether for work or casual occasions, showcasing a sense of fashion. With 6 size options, it is very friendly to various body types.

Screenshot from a Social Media Platform

It’s worth mentioning that Lei Jun also posted a photo note titled “Factory Workwear Photo” on his personal social media platform. The post received over 3000 comments and more than 16,000 likes. Netizens commented humorously, such as “An entrepreneur with slim and long legs,” “Lei Jun is 181 cm tall,” and “Lei Jun still insists on running.” There were jokes that the 299 yuan price tag for the workwear was meaningful; with 800 pieces sold, it amounted to 239,200 yuan, which was said to be the starting price of Xiaomi cars.

On March 26th, a journalist from Yangzi Evening News observed that Lei Jun’s workwear was still available on e-commerce platforms. One store listed a pre-sale item “Xiaomi Workwear Lei Jun Style” for 189 yuan, while another store offered the Lei Jun-style pre-sale item for 229 yuan.

On the second-hand market, some sellers have started offering the workwear, with prices soaring up to 999 yuan by the time of this report.

It is understood that the Xiaomi SU7 will be officially launched on March 28th. The official statement mentioned that upon listing, orders would be fulfilled promptly.

Proofread by Li Haihui

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