Mi Car App Live on Mi Store

On March 26, following the debut of the Xiaomi car app on the Apple App Store yesterday, the app officially launched on the Xiaomi App Store today, allowing Xiaomi smartphone users to download and experience it. Earlier reports indicated that the Xiaomi car’s listing launch event will be held at 7 p.m. on March 28. Xiaomi car has started a static appreciation meeting today, with test drives scheduled to begin 29. Currently, the official team is making final preparations for the listing.

In the Xiaomi car app, users can explore four main sections: buying a car, community, store, and more. The “buying a car” section provides comprehensive information about the Xiaomi SU7, while the “community” section is envisioned as a space for future user interactions. The “store” page includes two categories: “car love” and “lifestyle,” suggesting that car services and accessories will be available later.

Regarding the future trends of smart electric cars, Lei Jun emphasized that the past decade has addressed electrification concerns, but the next decade will focus on intelligence, which will be a decisive factor in this era. Furthermore, he highlighted that smart driving, smart cabin, and ecosystem will be the key technological advantages for Xiaomi cars to compete.

It’s worth noting that Lei Jun pledged to ensure production capacity for Xiaomi cars, stating that the Xiaomi SU7 will be delivered upon its market release.

Previously, Lei Jun mentioned on Weibo that he’s primarily focused on three tasks, one of which is to rapidly increase factory capacity to ensure timely deliveries post-launch.

[Source: Phoenix Technology]

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