Xiaomi SU7 Price Buzz! Lei Jun: Tech Triumph in Smart Driving & Ecosystem

Xiaomi to Launch SU7 Smart Electric Car on March 28

On March 26, according to the latest news from 快科技 (Fast Technology), Xiaomi’s SU7 will be officially released on March 28 at 19:00, unveiling its price and available for immediate delivery.

The official teaser emphasizes the essence of intelligence in cars, stating that intelligence is the soul of automobiles, an area where Xiaomi excels.


Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO, mentioned, “Smart electric cars fundamentally embody the fusion of ‘cars x electric x intelligence.’ In the past decade, we have tackled electrification; the next decade will be about intelligence. Intelligence will be the deciding factor of this era.”

Since entering the smartphone market in 2010, Xiaomi has grown to become one of the top three smartphone companies globally and the largest consumer-grade AIoT platform. With comprehensive expertise in operating systems, AI, robotics, and more, Xiaomi is gradually applying these capabilities to the automotive industry.

Lei Jun stressed that the combination of intelligent driving, smart cabin, and ecosystem will be the technological stronghold for Xiaomi in the competitive automotive market.

Xiaomi’s “people-car-home ecosystem” will interconnect all smart terminals, providing users with a seamless and immersive intelligent experience.


Regarding the trending field of intelligent driving, Lei Jun previously announced that by 2024, Xiaomi’s cars will join the top tier in intelligent driving capabilities.

Reportedly, Xiaomi’s smart driving hardware includes dual Orin chips, one LiDAR, 11 cameras, three millimeter-wave radars, twelve ultrasonic radars, enabling features like urban navigation with zero handovers, valet parking, and mechanical parking in parking lots.


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