Xiaomi Car Launches Reservation Code for SU7 Founder’s Edition

Xiaomi Unveils SU7 Founder’s Edition with Exclusive Reservation Code

On March 29, at the beginning of March, it was previously reported by Sina Technology that certain companies under the “Lei Jun system” had priority purchase rights for the first batch of Xiaomi SU7 vehicles. These companies conducted internal registration for priority purchases. Last night, the Xiaomi car launch event started at 7 p.m. and ended around 9 p.m. Sina Technology exclusively learned that shortly after the event, Xiaomi uniformly sent out F codes to employees who had registered their interest.

Xiaomi Car Launch

An employee of a Xiaomi partner company mentioned receiving a notification text message at 9:15 p.m. The message read, “Dear friend, Lei Jun invites you to experience the Xiaomi SU7 Founder’s Edition.” By clicking on the unique link provided, one could access the Xiaomi cars mini-program. As the 10 a.m. ordering began, those who had registered their interest earlier found their information pre-filled on the page.

During the event, Lei Jun announced the special launch of the SU7 Founder’s Edition, limited to 5000 units, with deliveries set to start in early April. The Founder’s Edition featured a limited metal letter logo, an exclusive serial number nameplate, and a special gift box. Once the 10 a.m. ordering started, the 5000 units of SU7 Founder’s Edition sold out instantly.

It was understood by Sina Technology that the F code was valid for 24 hours. Within this time frame, F code holders could order one SU7 Founder’s Edition without being affected by the sold-out situation. Moreover, F code holders could also choose the exclusive serial number for the Founder’s Edition. Regardless of the ordering process, price, or benefits, there was no distinction between F code holders and non-holders.

F stands for “Friend,” and an F code represents a priority purchase code for Xiaomi products. Holders of the F code could directly purchase popular items without the need for reservations or queuing. In the era of Xiaomi phone rushes, F codes were considered as a form of “hard currency.” According to previous media reports, Xiaomi Motors would issue 1000 F codes, with the first 100 personally distributed by Lei Jun.

It’s worth noting that due to the buyer and allocation holder not needing to match, many individuals have been reselling Xiaomi car F codes on second-hand platforms, with prices ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of Yuan. Regarding the issuance of F codes by Xiaomi cars, on March 20, Wang Hua, the PR Manager of Xiaomi Group, debunked the rumor, stating that there were currently no “F codes” or similar priority purchase channels, with the official registration and inspection being the only open options.

At the Xiaomi car launch event, Lei Jun announced the official release of Xiaomi SU7. The standard version was priced at 215,900 Yuan, the SU7 Pro version (rear-wheel drive with ultra-long endurance and advanced intelligent driving) at 245,900 Yuan, and the SU7 Max version (high-performance four-wheel drive with ultra-long endurance and advanced intelligent driving) at 299,900 Yuan. According to official data from Xiaomi Motors, within 4 minutes after the launch event, over 10,000 SU7 units were reserved, within 7 minutes it exceeded 20,000, and within 27 minutes, over 50,000 units were reserved.

Source: Sina Technology News

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