Xiaomi SU7 Max delivery now 6 months after ordering

2024-03-31 16:40:20 by Yao Liwei

Following the launch of Xiaomi SU7, the number of orders has rapidly increased. However, recent updates on the Xiaomi Car app indicate that the delivery timeline for three versions of Xiaomi SU7 has been extended. The standard version now requires a minimum of 13 weeks for delivery, while the maximum waiting period is 27 weeks.

According to official data, a total of 88,898 pre-orders have been processed, with deliveries starting gradually from April 3rd. It’s worth noting that for users wishing to actively lock in their configurations, they must make a full payment upfront and sign a contract. Once this is done, the order is locked in and moves into the production phase, where no further modifications or cancellations are allowed.

As of noon on March 29th, customer service has received a total of 469 requests for cancellations or changes in configurations. Xiaomi emphasizes the importance of careful consideration before “locking in configurations.” Users are reminded that actively locking the order entails three notifications about its non-refundable nature, with a final popup alert upon “locking in configurations.”

Moreover, various aspects of the intelligent services in the entire car purchasing process have been well received and appreciated by many consumers. Users have experienced the convenience brought by the intelligent services in filling out personal information, selecting vehicle configurations, and viewing car prices. With the deep integration of internet technology and the manufacturing industry, the future of the automotive industry is poised to offer even more intelligent products and services.

Xiaomi SU7 Delivery

Xiaomi SU7 Delivery

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