iOS 17.5 Coming Soon with Enhanced Sideloading

2024-04-01 12:20:48 Author: Yao Liwei

iOS 17.5 Coming Soon with Enhanced Sideloading

According to the latest reports, Apple is about to launch the iOS 17.5 Beta 1 version. Earlier, Apple promised to further upgrade the sideloading feature at some point in spring, and this functionality has already been implemented in the EU region.

However, despite supporting sideloading, Apple has not fully opened up this feature. Users can only install applications through the official App Store or third-party app stores.

In the latest iOS 17.5 version, users will be able to download and install applications or games from websites. This will make the user experience of iOS in the EU region completely consistent with the Android system.

It is important to note that there is usually about a month’s gap between the official release and the beta version of Apple’s operating system. Therefore, EU users will have to wait until May at the earliest to experience this feature in the official version.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Apple is accelerating its preparation for the next version of its operating system, iOS 18, and plans to officially unveil it at the developer conference in June this year.

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