iPhone SE 4 Case Leak: Launching Later This Year, Cheaper Notch Design?

Apple’s Plan for the Upcoming iPhone SE 4

According to tradition, Apple releases a new generation of the budget SE series every two years. Originally, the iPhone SE 4 was expected to be launched in March this year. However, as we’ve already entered April, there is still no news about it. Industry insiders have leaked information suggesting that Apple has changed its internal product positioning. The release of the iPhone SE 4 is now expected to be postponed to the second half of this year or even next year. It is rumored to feature a domestically produced notch screen to reduce costs, with the possibility of a significant price drop compared to the previous generation to attract users.

iPhone SE 4 Case Leak

Recent leaks of the new phone’s protective case suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will undergo a revolutionary transformation compared to its predecessors. For the first time in the SE series, it will adopt a full-screen design, eliminating the Home button in favor of Face ID for facial recognition. The size will also change, with expectations of a 6.1-inch OLED notch screen; however, it won’t be the high-end screen used in the iPhone 14 series but rather a new material provided by a domestic supply chain.

iPhone SE 4 Case Leak

From current reports, Apple is considering sourcing screens from three manufacturers: Samsung from South Korea, BOE and Tianma from China. This is because the iPhone SE 4 is positioned lower in the market, so the quality requirements won’t be as strict as for the numbered series. By introducing Chinese supply chains, Apple aims to increase bargaining power with companies like Samsung to ultimately reduce costs and pave the way for a price drop for the final product. However, Samsung seems to be unhappy with this arrangement and may consider dropping out of supplying screens for the iPhone SE 4.

iPhone SE 4 Case Leak

If Samsung withdraws from the collaboration, there is a possibility that the iPhone SE 4 will exclusively use screens from domestic supply chains. Despite being a budget phone, this would still represent a significant achievement for Chinese supply chains to gain recognition from Apple. Over the past two years, Chinese screen manufacturers have made great strides. Xiaomi is closely tied to Tianma Optical, OPPO is closely tied to BOE, and Honor has good cooperative relationships with both BOE and Tianma. Except for the Vivo series, domestic brands have largely reduced their dependence on Samsung and have strengthened partnerships with other domestic companies.

iPhone SE 4 Case Leak

Looking at the specifications of the iPhone SE 4, it is rumored that the design of the front will be very similar to the iPhone 13, with a flat-edged design. However, the rear single-camera layout appears to continue the style from the iPhone X era. Regarding core performance, given the expected delay in its release date, there is a possibility that the iPhone SE 4 may feature the Apple A17 series processor, or at the very least, users need not worry about the performance compared to the A16 processor.

iPhone SE 4 Case Leak

In 2022, Apple launched the iPhone SE 3, starting with a 64GB version priced at around 3500 yuan. This pricing strategy led to unprecedented challenges in the Chinese market, with the price dropping by around 1000 yuan within two months of its release. It is expected that Apple will learn from this lesson, coupled with the continuous improvement in the competitiveness of domestic smartphones. The iPhone SE 4 is expected to either be priced around 3000 yuan or have a 128GB version as the starting point. Otherwise, with such specifications, the phone will lack competitiveness in the domestic market.

How do you view the upcoming release of the iPhone SE 4, expected to be launched from the second half of this year to next year? What do you think is a suitable starting price?

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