Xiaomi Auto SU7: Orders near 90k, only 20k deposits? Exec debunks rumor

Xiaomi Auto SU7 Craze Continues: Orders Near 90K, Only 20K Deposits – Exec Debunks Rumor

The Xiaomi Auto SU7 craze doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon, even though it has been 4 days since its release, it still remains the “traffic password” of the internet.

When it comes to the most discussed information about SU7 from the outside world, undoubtedly it is the sales data. Everyone wants to know if it is both popular and selling well.

According to the official data released, SU7 can be described as exceptionally hot, so hot that it’s jaw-dropping: it broke 10,000 units in 4 minutes, 20,000 units in 7 minutes, 50,000 units in 27 minutes, and 88,898 units in 24 hours…

Moreover, according to the Xiaomi Auto mini-program, for orders placed now, the standard version is expected to be delivered in 19-22 weeks, the Pro version in 18-21 weeks, and the Max version in 27-30 weeks.

As a newcomer in the automobile industry, Xiaomi has set records and pushed production capacity to the limit with their debut, truly shocking the market.

However, along with the craze, there have been controversies. Xiaomi has set a 7-day cooling-off period for SU7 orders. Users who pay a deposit of 5000 yuan can request a refund within 7 days.

Yet, some users have reported that after paying the deposit, they couldn’t request a refund.

Some users who were unable to get a refund have formed rights protection groups, collectively demanding an explanation from Xiaomi.

In response, the Xiaomi Auto official account explained that orders can be canceled within 7 days, but it also offers the option to voluntarily lock in the configuration.

Once the configuration is locked, it means the order is finalized, and the vehicle will enter the production stage, with the configuration unable to be modified again, and the deposit non-refundable.

In other words, those unable to get a refund clicked on the “lock configuration” option themselves, and before locking the configuration, they could have canceled the order.

Although Xiaomi’s official response is reasonable, this controversy has exposed a situation where some customers are only joining the trend without intending to purchase.

This indicates that order volume does not necessarily reflect actual sales, and the credibility is not 100%.

Therefore, many are curious about the actual number of locked-in orders for SU7.

According to internal sources at Xiaomi Auto, as of March 30, the number of locked-in orders for SU7 has reached 20,000.

Based on this data, the lock-in rate for SU7 is around 22%.

At the same time, several institutions have forecasted that Xiaomi Auto’s delivery volume for this year is expected to range between 60,000 and 80,000 vehicles.

However, the claim of 20,000 locked-in orders was quickly denied by Xiaomi officials.

On April 1, Xiaomi’s Assistant to the Board Chairman and Deputy General Manager of the China Market Department, Xu Jieyun, responded to the rumor about 20,000 locked-in orders for Xiaomi Auto SU7.

He posted on Weibo, saying: “I saw some media citing information from so-called ‘informants’ about the number of locked-in orders for Xiaomi SU7. I can only say that this number is wrong.”

It is important to note that he did not provide a specific number.

Notably, automotive blogger @Sun Shaojun, known for statistical data, recently replied to a comment from a netizen stating that the number of locked-in orders for SU7 is far more than 20,000.

During a live broadcast, he also revealed that the number of locked-in orders for SU7 has reached 45,000, and the data is still being compiled.


Undoubtedly, the true number of locked-in orders for Xiaomi SU7 is currently unknown, but judging by the continuously postponed delivery time, it is expected to be remarkable.

Even if it is indeed 20,000 as rumored online, it is still a commendable achievement, considering Xiaomi is a newcomer in the automotive industry, and SU7 is an all-electric sports coupe.

Not to mention that all-electric sports coupes are niche products and not as popular in the market as extended-range/Plug-in Hybrid SUVs. Just the number 20,000 could surpass the six-month sales of some manufacturers.

In the comments section of IT Home App, many users have expressed that if SU7 can achieve 20,000 locked-in orders, it can be considered a success.

And if it surpasses 45,000, then it is definitely “terrifying”.


As for the true number of locked-in orders for Xiaomi SU7, there may be concrete reports on April 4 or 5 because by then, SU7 will reach its first natural lock-in period.

In conclusion, from the current situation, SU7 has undeniably made a big splash and can be considered one of the phenomenal best-selling models in the Chinese car market.

So, whether this “craze” will translate into actual delivery numbers, only time will tell.

Source: IT Home

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