Apple to Release New Budget AirPods Later This Year

Apple to Release New Budget AirPods Later This Year

According to the latest research report from supply chain analyst Jeff Pu, Apple is planning to expand its AirPods product line later this year by introducing a new budget-friendly style of headphones. This news has sparked excitement among consumers who are looking forward to more affordable options.

New Affordable AirPods on the Horizon

In his research report at Huatai International Securities, Jeff Pu mentioned that the new budget AirPods will be manufactured by a subsidiary of Foxconn and are set to begin mass assembly at a factory in India in the fourth quarter of this year. This move indicates Apple’s aim to further expand its global market presence and meet the needs of diverse consumer groups.

Design Upgrades, Feature-Rich

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman previously reported that Apple plans to launch two models of the fourth-generation AirPods, catering to entry-level and mid-range levels. These new earphones will feature a fresh design, providing a more comfortable wearing experience and higher audio quality. Additionally, the charging case for the new earphones is expected to adopt a USB-C interface to accommodate broader charging needs.

The mid-range AirPods will also introduce active noise cancellation and a speaker with a “find” feature, offering users a more convenient usage experience and superior audio enjoyment. It is currently unclear whether the budget AirPods mentioned by Jeff Pu are the same as the entry-level fourth-generation AirPods described by Gurman.

Release Date and Expectations

Gurman anticipates that these two fourth-generation AirPods models are likely to be unveiled to consumers in September or October. This means that Apple fans and potential new users will have new options to consider in the coming months.

Furthermore, Jeff Pu predicts that Apple will update the AirPods Max later this year. While specific details are not yet known, Gurman has mentioned that the new AirPods Max may introduce new color options and upgrade to a USB-C charging interface to enhance compatibility and convenience.

Apple’s planned launch of the new budget AirPods will undoubtedly enrich its audio product line and may attract more cost-conscious consumers. As the release date approaches, anticipation for this new product in the market is expected to keep growing.

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