Foreign Reports: Apple to Launch Budget AirPods This Year

Foreign Media: Apple Plans to Launch Budget-Friendly AirPods This Year

[Global Tech News – April 2nd]

According to a recent report from foreign media, Apple is planning to introduce a more affordable version of AirPods later this year. Supply chain analyst Jeff Pu’s latest research report indicates that Apple intends to release a pair of AirPods headphones with a price tag aimed at budget-conscious consumers. The report, published by Haitong International Securities, specifies that the new budget AirPods will be manufactured by a subsidiary of Foxconn.

Budget AirPods

Furthermore, the report mentions that Foxconn plans to ramp up AirPods assembly at its factories in India in the fourth quarter of this year to accommodate the production of these new headphones. This move not only demonstrates Apple’s proactive approach to expanding production scale and market coverage but also reflects the company’s strategic considerations regarding cost control and product line diversification.

Additionally, Jeff Pu predicts that Apple will update its existing AirPods Max later this year. According to previous reports by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the new AirPods Max may introduce new color options and, most notably, switch to a USB-C charging port. This change is expected to offer users a more convenient and efficient charging experience.

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