EU Users: Get iOS 17.5 Beta from Dev Site

Apple Allows EU Users to Download Apps Directly from Developer Websites in iOS 17.5 Beta

Apple has sent out the first beta version of iOS 17.5 to the developer community today. The most anticipated feature of this update is that Apple now permits users in the European Union to download apps directly from developers’ websites.

EU Users Get iOS 17.5 Beta from Dev Site

Compliance with the Digital Markets Act

In the previous version, iOS 17.4, Apple introduced the side-loading feature to comply with the Digital Markets Act in the EU, allowing apps to be distributed through third-party app stores in the EU. In March, Apple announced a further expansion of side-loading channels, enabling users to download apps directly from developer websites.

Developer Eligibility and Requirements

To offer app downloads on EU websites, developers need to meet certain criteria. Firstly, developers must have been members of Apple’s developer program for two consecutive years or more. Secondly, developers must have had over one million initial app installations on iOS devices in the EU region in the past year. Additionally, developers need to go through Apple’s notarization process and disclose transparent data collection policies.

Technical Support from Apple

Apple will provide eligible developers with API interfaces to enable them to implement the functionality of app downloads through websites. This update means that apps downloaded via websites can be backed up, restored, updated, and offer a similar experience to App Store downloads.

Commissions and Fees

It is worth noting that apps downloaded through websites do not require developers to pay any commissions to Apple, but developers need to pay a core technology fee of 0.5 euros. This change provides more choices and convenience for users in the EU while offering developers a new distribution channel.

Apple’s latest update signifies a significant step for the company towards openness and market competition. The first beta of iOS 17.5 not only gives developers new opportunities but also brings more freedom and choices to EU users. With the launch of this update, we look forward to seeing how Apple continues to adapt to and lead market changes while maintaining the security and quality of its ecosystem. (By Chai Xiaozhi)

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