Huawei P70 Launch: Is It Coming?

News about Huawei Launch Event Cancellation

Have you all forgotten about the news related to Huawei that circulated online at the end of last year? It was mentioned that henceforth, products equipped with Kirin chips would no longer have launch events. Although the source did not specify the exact devices, it was quite clear that they were referring to Huawei smartphones. Many people were skeptical at that time because this was a significant departure from industry norms. Moreover, this leak was not corroborated by other sources. The subsequent appearance of the nova 12 series at a launch event officially debunked this claim. However, sometimes unexpected things happen, and it seems that Huawei’s upcoming flagship model might not have a launch event after all.

Recently, a whistleblower disclosed that a “launch event was suddenly canceled.” Although it was not explicitly stated which company it was about, almost everyone guessed it was Huawei. The use of the word “suddenly” in the whistleblower’s statement strongly indicates that there was supposed to be a launch event initially. The fact that there was no prior notice and seemingly no media personnel anticipated this change really took everyone by surprise. To be honest, sudden decisions like this sometimes showcase a company’s power.

Huawei P70 Launch Cancelled

As for the reasons behind the cancellation, although there are various speculations among netizens, the true explanation remains unknown to the public. Hence, it is better not to speculate randomly, as the possibility of P70 being showcased at a launch event is now non-existent. Even without a launch event for the P70, it is unlikely to affect the future of this series significantly. Drawing from the lesson learned with the Mate 60 series, Huawei’s introduction of a pioneer program for the P70 still holds a high chance of success.

As mentioned several times before, if a brand lacks the influence of a company like Huawei, introducing a pioneer program might backfire. In Huawei’s case, following the conventional path of organizing launch events might not bring much novelty. Surprisingly, launching a product without prior notice when nobody expects it can attract more attention. Considering recent online leaks, the probable release date, design style, and some features of the P70 are already quite evident.

Huawei P70 Leaked Information

Firstly, regarding the chip, it is highly likely to be equipped with the Kirin 9000s. The capabilities of this chip have been widely discussed online since the launch of the Mate 60 series last year, so delving into details seems unnecessary. The imaging capabilities and the leaked information online are expected to align closely with the actual specifications (the standard and Pro versions will likely feature the OV50H sensor + a 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens + a 50MP 4x periscope zoom lens, while the Art version will use the IMX989 sensor for the main camera).

It is the vaguer claims that tend to pique users’ interest, such as the new satellite communication technology – everyone is curious to learn more about this innovation.

Concerning the inventory of the P70, there is no need for any worries. The severe shortage issue seen with the Mate 60 series last year is unlikely to repeat itself with the P70. Additionally, Huawei store staff have informed some media outlets that pre-orders for the P70 have already commenced, indicating that everything is set and just awaiting Huawei’s official decision on the right moment to release the product. My personal guess is that this might happen a few days after the end of the Qingming Festival holiday.

Huawei P70 Inventory and Launch Speculation

Regarding the price, there are rumors suggesting that it might reach the same level as the Mate 60’s price. If this turns out to be true, the extent of the price increase will certainly be unexpected. What do you all think about this speculation?

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