Apple App Store Updates: More Dev Services, Enhanced User Safety

Date: 2024-04-06 09:20:40
Author: Yao Liwei

Apple App Store Updates

On April 6th, Apple made some new adjustments to the App Store rules. These adjustments mainly involve mini-games, mini-applications, game emulators, and have added clauses related to streaming games, chatbots, and plugins. According to the new Clause 4.7, users can provide certain software in the app without embedding binary files, but they must ensure that these software comply with various guidelines and applicable laws, and abide by methods of privacy terms, filtering offensive content, and reporting mechanisms.

At the same time, Apple also requires developers to provide indexes and metadata of the software in the app, and use a rating system based on the highest age rating. Controversies arise if developers provide ROMs that have not been legally authorized or produced through third-party channels.

Additionally, Apple is considering introducing a series of emulators applicable to other platforms (such as Mac) into the iOS and iPadOS systems. This indicates that Apple is actively responding to the growing demand in the mobile gaming market.

In summary, these adjustments to the App Store rules bring developers more opportunities and challenges, and also provide users with a better experience and security guarantees.

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