Apple to let console emulators on App Store

According to a report by The Verge, following the hefty fines imposed by the European Union and new regulatory requirements, Apple updated its App Store guidelines the day before yesterday, indicating that it would now allow console emulators to be available on iOS devices for the first time.

Console emulator apps have always been prohibited by Apple and could not be used on the iOS platform (unless through methods like jailbreaking), partly contributing to the preference of European users for third-party applications. Apple’s recent announcement suggests a relaxation of this policy, potentially allowing developers of console emulators already available on Android to bring their products to the App Store.

Terms and conditions:

However, Apple has also issued a warning that “developers are responsible for the software they make available in their apps to ensure that this software/game is legal.” In other words, developers are not allowed to offer pirated games in their software. This raises a question mark over the future of emulator apps on the iOS platform: will only companies holding specific software/game copyrights be able to release emulators?

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