Apple’s “Presto” Unveils How Sealed iPhones Update iOS Wirelessly

April 6th News: Apple is planning to introduce the “Presto” system in its offline retail stores, allowing unopened iPhones to be wirelessly updated to the latest iOS system. Recently, more details about this system have been revealed.

Foreign media recently published a blog post showcasing the true appearance of this so-called “Presto” device. It is a small locker that can hold six iPhones at the same time. When iPhones are placed inside the locker, they will be updated to the latest iOS version within 15 to 30 minutes.

Following this, iGeneration has released a follow-up blog post outlining further details about the “Presto” system. The IT Home website translated the relevant content as follows:

The “Presto” system runs on a Mac mini. After technicians scan the iPhone boxes, the phones are added to the queue for updates.

The system also informs employees about which phones still need updates, checks daily sales records to determine how many phones need to be prepared for the next day.

The queue can also list iPhones in stock that need updating, taking into account the store’s sales forecasts to select which iPhones need to be taken out of inventory for processing.

The team can always be informed throughout the day how many iPhones are planned to be processed through Presto and which ones have already gone through the Presto process.

When a customer purchases a specific SKU (for example, a specific iPhone model, storage, and color), the system prompts employees to update another SKU. This ensures that regardless of what the customer wishes to buy, there is always at least one inventory of the latest model available.

Upon the arrival of new iPhones, the Presto system marks the current iOS version of each iPhone. When a new iOS update is released, the system automatically marks all inventory that needs updating.

iGeneration mentioned that all employees can participate in this process, even if they have not received specific training on using Presto. After the phone update is completed, the LED status indicator changes from white to green. This allows store staff to remove the phones from the machine and add them to the updated inventory area.

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