Huawei Shops Skip P70 Presales

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Recently, there has been significant attention on the Huawei P70 circulating on the internet. Rumors suggest that this new flagship from Huawei will follow the same strategy as the Mate 60 series by directly going on sale without a formal release, and some offline stores have already started blind orders. However, upon conducting offline visits, some media outlets have found that the situation might not be entirely as rumored.

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According to information released by the Southern Metropolis Daily Wancaishe, their reporters discovered after visiting the Huawei store in Daqianli, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, that the staff mentioned no blind order activity for the P70. The specific offline sales schedule will only be confirmed after the official launch event. Additionally, when the reporters called the Huawei store at Yifangcheng, Bao’an, Shenzhen, they were informed that there was no news about the P70 at the store and they needed to wait for official updates. A source close to the matter also confirmed that there is indeed no blind order activity in offline stores.

Media reporting

The attention surrounding the Huawei P70, whether it’s the buzz before its release or the impact on related stock concepts in the capital market, indicates the high anticipation for this new device. However, some sources suggest that Huawei P70 is likely to skip a new product launch event and instead directly go on sale this month, following the format of Huawei Mate 60 series’ “Pioneer Plan.”

Since the introduction of the “Pioneer Plan” with the Mate 60 Pro last year, this strategy of selling before the official launch has become a common sales approach for Huawei. Devices like the Mate 60 Pro+, Mate X5 folding screen, nova 12 series, among others, have all been sold using this model and have shown promising sales performance.

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