OnePlus, Xiaomi Clash Over Test Data: Redmi’s Wang Teng accuses rivals of tricks, OnePlus’ Li Jie hits back with confidence in comparisons.

Clash between OnePlus and Xiaomi Over Test Data: Redmi’s Accusations and OnePlus’ Response

On the afternoon of April 7th, things got heated between Redmi, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, and OnePlus!

Today, Redmi Turbo 3 released its first batch of performance tests. Some gaming data showed slightly inferior performance compared to the competing OnePlus Ace 3V. In response, Wang Teng, the General Manager of Redmi, mentioned, “Some competitors are being sneaky during the testing process, secretly lowering the brightness or image quality.”

Redmi vs OnePlus

In reply, Li Jie, the President of OnePlus China, took to Weibo to hit back, saying, “Welcome everyone to experience it firsthand. We are not afraid of comparisons or tests.”

OnePlus Response

Lately, there has been consistent tension among various tech companies. On April 6th, the Co-CEO of Zhi Ji, IM Zhi Ji Liu Tao, posted on Weibo, saying, ”Xiaomi’s speed in automotive is indeed fast. In just three years, they have produced the first complete vehicle starting from scratch. With R&D starting from the native platform, the intricate and extensive vehicle and component testing and verification plans take 2-3 years. No matter how much optimization is done, it seems insufficiently efficient. How did they achieve such high efficiency and speed?”

Liu Tao's Weibo Post

Subsequently, Liu Tao edited and reposted the Weibo post and forwarded related Weibo posts for further clarification.

Liu Tao's Edited Weibo Post

Regarding this matter, the comment section is filled with diverse opinions. Some bloggers state, “This is the power of the Chinese industry chain – complete supporting facilities, well-trained engineers, selecting the right key technical individuals, having enough budget – achieving a vehicle in three years is not considered fast.”

Source: Duzo Finance & Economics (Compilation)

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