Q1 2024 Market Share: Honor, Huawei Trail Vivo; Apple Drops Significantly

Dynamic Competition in the Smartphone Market

It is well known that with the continuous advancement of technology and the deepening development of the market, competition in the smartphone market will become more intense. Manufacturers need to continuously innovate and progress to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

However, making significant progress in a short period of time is quite challenging. Even major smartphone manufacturers find it difficult, slowly moving forward to stimulate consumers’ desire to choose.

Recently, research firm BCI released data on the market share in the first quarter of 2024, showcasing the remarkable performance of domestic smartphone brands.

Among them, vivo led the market with outstanding performance, followed closely by Honor and Huawei, while the former market leader, Apple, faced a significant drop in market share.

Q1 2024 Market Share

According to the data published by BCI, vivo achieved a market share of 16.9% in the first quarter of 2024, leading the market with an absolute advantage.

This achievement is attributed to the continuous pursuit of technological innovation and product quality by the vivo and iQOO brands, which are reflected in the combined data.

While vivo may not have particularly high market share based on individual data, it demonstrates the success of vivo’s strategy.

In today’s market landscape, launching an excellent model and series is crucial to gaining user recognition.

Q1 2024 Market Share

It is worth noting that vivo smartphones cover a wide range of series, such as the vivo X series, S series, Y series, etc., which are highly appealing.

Sub-series like the iQOO digital series, Z series, Neo series, among others, have also shown good market performance.

The high level of sophistication in vivo smartphones in recent years, combined with the continuous popularity of offline models, has been crucial in increasing market share.

Therefore, in the future smartphone market, vivo is expected to see even greater growth, posing significant pressure to its competitors.

Q1 2024 Market Share

Following vivo, Honor and Huawei have also shown impressive performance. Honor achieved rapid market share growth with a precise market positioning for young consumer groups and a diverse product line.

With a market share of 15.8% and 10.74 million activations, Honor ranked second, demonstrating strong competitiveness, and its models have also garnered significant appeal.

Despite Honor’s separation from Huawei, which received criticism from many users, its focused efforts over a long period have gradually restored its strength.

Whether it’s the Honor Magic series, digital series, X series, or the derivative GT versions, all are key elements stimulating the market.

Q1 2024 Market Share

Although Huawei faces pressure and restrictions in the international market, its strong performance with series like Mate and Nova has helped it gradually regain its market position with a 15.5% share and activations slightly higher than Apple’s.

Huawei‘s deep technological background, strong R&D capabilities, and accumulated technology still place it prominently in the smartphone market.

Moreover, with Huawei smartphones breaking through the restrictions of the Kirin processor and the gradual integration of HarmonyOS into native applications, the future looks promising.

If Huawei achieves further breakthroughs in the future, it will naturally see significant growth.

Q1 2024 Market Share

Regrettably, in contrast to the strong growth of domestic smartphone brands, Apple faced a disappointing performance in the first quarter of 2024 with a 20% year-on-year drop in market share.

Apple’s decline has stirred widespread attention and discussions in the industry. Analysts attribute Apple’s market share decrease to factors such as weak product innovation, pricing strategies, and intense market competition.

The iPhone 15 lacks high refresh rates, with minimal improvements in features. Additionally, the sideloading feature unavailable to domestic users, and the use of 3nm technology in iPhone 15 Pro did not bring significant benefits, making it less appealing to consumers.

Q1 2024 Market Share

Apart from vivo, Honor, Huawei, and Apple, OPPO and Xiaomi also experienced certain growth.

With the widespread adoption of 5G technology and consumers’ continuous pursuit of smartphone performance, photography, and battery life, smartphone manufacturers are increasing their investment in technology research and product innovation.

By introducing a range of competitive new products that meet diverse consumer needs, the competition among new models is becoming stronger.

Therefore, in the upcoming domestic smartphone market, competition is expected to become even more intense. Manufacturers need to focus on this aspect; otherwise, they could face challenging situations.

Q1 2024 Market Share

In conclusion, these changes not only reflect the intensity of market competition but also illustrate consumers’ demands and expectations for smartphone products.

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