360 AI’s Live Revenue Goal: $15M in Year 1

On April 8, 360 Group founder Zhou Hongyi revealed during a live broadcast that “360AI Office” product is set to be launched, featuring over 100 popular AI applications. It will operate on a subscription model, with plans to achieve a “small goal” in the first year.

It is understood that the 360AI office toolset covers more than 100 practical tools in five major scenarios including images, writing, documents, videos, document templates, etc. Upon its release, users can become “360AI VIP members” through various browsers under 360, unlocking all applications to meet various industry, multi-scenario AI office, and marketing needs in one go.

Analysts believe that the transformation of large model technology into tangible business value and identifying sustainable commercialization models are significant challenges faced by domestic large model manufacturers. 360AI Office will help 360 establish an AI membership system to generate AI revenue. Browsers inherently possess office attributes, and 360 Secure Browser holds the top market share in China, giving it a clear user advantage. By integrating AI with browsers and launching related AI office services, besides customizing large models for the private sector, it is expected to create a new path for the commercialization of AI in the consumer market.

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