NVIDIA RTX 5090/5080 Cards Launching Soon with GDDR7 Memory

2024-04-09 09:20:17

Author: Yao Liwei

According to reports from Taiwanese media in China, it is expected that Asus, MSI, and other graphics card manufacturers will launch the latest RTX 50 series graphics cards (RTX 5090/5080) from Nvidia in the fourth quarter of this year. The top-tier products of these graphics cards will be the initial focus. Analysts believe that Nvidia’s biennial major GPU redesign will help boost the shipment volume of graphics card manufacturers this year and drive up the average unit price of the entire graphics card product.

Additionally, well-known leaker Kopite has also confirmed that the RTX 50 series graphics cards will be launched by the end of this year. Kopite had previously revealed that the RTX 5090 graphics card (GB202) will use GDDR7 memory and have a 512-bit width, while the RTX 5080 will be equipped with a 256-bit width.

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