Samsung Overtakes iPhone Sales in China

April 8, 2024 12:20:20 PM by Yao Liwei

Samsung overtakes iPhone sales in China

Last week, a report released by a market research agency revealed that Apple’s iPhone sales in February were only 17.41 million units, surpassed by Samsung Electronics smartphones with 19.69 million units sold. Driven by the iPhone 15 series, Samsung managed to become the world’s top-selling smartphone in just four months, but now it is facing a decline in sales.

Specifically, UBS disclosed Apple’s iPhone sales in several major markets in its latest report. According to the report, iPhone sales in February decreased by 9% in the US market, by 16% in the Chinese market, and by 13% in the Indian market. Although there was some growth in the European market, it was not enough to offset the declining trend in other markets.

According to UBS’s forecast, Apple’s iPhone total sales in the first quarter are expected to decline by 8.9% year-on-year. They attribute this decline to various factors. In the US market, the latest Galaxy phones from Samsung are highly popular, and the carrier upgrade rate is low, impacting iPhone sales. In the Chinese market, intense competition from Huawei and other competitors also poses challenges to Apple.

Reportedly, Apple’s iPhone sales in the first quarter of 2023 showed a year-on-year decrease. This was mainly due to the impact of higher iPhone sales in the same period last year. Two Pro versions of the iPhone 14 Pro series launched by Apple in September 2022 faced production challenges in November last year, leading to shortages until mid-January last year, when supply and demand were finally balanced. This delay in demand for some Pro models pushed up sales in the first quarter.

In summary, Apple’s iPhone sales in the first quarter of 2022 exhibited a downward trend, attributed to intensified market competition, production issues, etc. It is essential to note that the above data are speculative and forecasted figures and do not represent actual results. Please refer to official announcements for accurate information.

Samsung overtakes iPhone sales in China

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