Ultrasonic In-Screen Fingerprint Tech: Next Big Thing by OPPO, OnePlus?

Breaking News: Latest Leak Reveals OPPO, OnePlus, realme Ramping Up Ultrasonic In-Screen Fingerprint Technology

Ultrasonic In-Screen Fingerprint Tech

On April 7th, according to the latest leak from @Digital Chat Station, OPPO, OnePlus, and realme are all testing ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint technology for their flagship iterations. If successful, they will all replace the ultra-thin optical solution. Additionally, it was previously reported that Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship, powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, is undergoing tests for domestic single-point ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking.

It’s well known that fingerprint unlocking is a standard feature for most smartphones and the preferred method for many users, offering a seamless unlock with just a gentle touch. However, fingerprint unlocking can also be categorized, with most smartphones on the market currently using optical fingerprint recognition technology, while only a few models like the 12 Pro and Meizu 21/21 Pro employ ultrasonic fingerprint technology.

In terms of technological maturity, both ultrasonic and optical fingerprint technologies are well-established unlocking methods. Optical fingerprint unlocking technology utilizes the principle of light reflection to form a fingerprint image, comparing it with the fingerprint template stored in the device to achieve unlocking. On the other hand, ultrasonic fingerprint technology is more secure and user-friendly, utilizing the principle of ultrasound reflection when encountering fingerprint textures, followed by comparison and recognition, albeit at a higher cost.

Ultrasonic In-Screen Fingerprint Tech

Editorial Commentary: In terms of user experience, ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking is indeed more convenient. Both the enrollment and unlocking speeds are smoother compared to optical fingerprint unlocking. If the rumors are true, then flagship models in the latter half of this year may all come equipped with this technology, achieving true widespread adoption.

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