Xiaomi apologizes for car data error

Incorrect Data Labeling at Smart’s New Car L6 Launch Event: Xiaomi Corrects the Record

On the evening of April 8th, Smart mistakenly stated during its new car L6 launch event that only the rear motor of the Xiaomi SU7 Max was equipped with silicon carbide, when in fact both front and rear motors of the Xiaomi SU7 Max utilize silicon carbide.

Following the event, Liu Tao, Co-CEO of Smart Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., admitted on Weibo: “Due to inaccurate research on product information, there was a mistake in the information presented at the launch event. Just like Smart L6, the Xiaomi SU7 also employs SIC silicon carbide modules for both front and rear motors. Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a competitor whom we highly respect! Here, I sincerely apologize to Xiaomi Automotive and everyone.”

Xiaomi Apologizes for Car Data Error

This led Xiaomi officials to post three consecutive posts on social media platforms demanding an apology from Smart’s officials.

A “Xiaomi Company spokesperson” stated that Smart’s erroneous labeling of key parameters of Xiaomi SU7 Max during the event had caused extremely negative repercussions. Xiaomi emphasized that both front and rear motors of Xiaomi SU7 Max are indeed silicon carbide, ensuring outstanding performance and range.

Xiaomi questioned how Smart, as its subsidiary holding company, could make such a mistake. They questioned whether it was due to a lack of professional competence or intentional spreading of rumors and defamation. Despite numerous public reminders from netizens regarding this mistake, Smart has yet to rectify it. “SAIC Group is a leading enterprise in the Chinese automotive industry, and we have great respect for them. However, the behavior of Smart is inconsistent with the reputation of SAIC Group, which we, as peers, find incomprehensible.”

Xiaomi expressed its welcome for fair competition and exchange but strongly opposed distortion of facts and defamation. They have gathered evidence and are prepared to defend their legitimate rights using legal means.

Furthermore, Xiaomi urged Smart to immediately clarify the situation publicly and formally apologize to the misled public.

In the early hours of April 9th, Smart Automotive issued an apology letter, acknowledging the mislabeling of a key parameter during the just-concluded launch event in comparison to Xiaomi SU7. They attributed the mistake to an oversight in internal review and expressed deep regret for the negative impact on Xiaomi Automotive and sincere apologies to all fans and users.

Xiaomi Apologizes for Car Data Error

Smart Automotive emphasized, “We highly respect our competitive counterparts! We deeply apologize for the negative impact on Xiaomi Automotive due to the internal review oversight. We sincerely apologize to all fans and users!”

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