Xiaomi Apologizes for SUV Spec Error

Xiaomi Apologizes for SUV Specification Error

On April 9th, according to a report by Kuai Technology, the new vehicle L6 from Qicheng Auto was unveiled last night. Due to negligence, a mistake was made during the comparison with Xiaomi’s SU7 project, where the front motor of the Xiaomi SU7 was incorrectly labeled as “front LCBT, rear SiC.” This mistake triggered strong dissatisfaction from Xiaomi, leading them to post three consecutive articles demanding an apology.

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Later that night, CEO Liu Tao and the official Qicheng Auto team issued an apology. However, even the apology letter had errors, which were pointed out by Xiaomi’s product manager.

In the public apology, both Liu Tao and Qicheng Auto mentioned that the Xiaomi SU7 Max version uses SiC silicon carbide modules for the front and rear motors, matching the technology used in the L6. Both are considered top-tier technology standards in the industry.

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Original Apology Letter

However, there was a writing error in the content, where “SIC” should have been written as “SiC”. Today, Xiaomi’s product manager, Pan Xiaowen, purposely posted on Weibo to educate, stating: “This is how you write silicon carbide: SiC, please learn and respect the technology.”

When we mention IGBT/SiC, it refers to power modules in motor controllers, which consist of one or more groups of power chips in parallel forming a switch circuit. There are chips with Si as the material in IGBT architecture and chips with SiC as the material in MOSFET architecture (yes, IGBT is the architecture, SiC is the chip material).

Power modules are responsible for converting the direct current from the battery into alternating current to drive the motor. The significance of this can be easily understood, where SiC MOSFET has almost no switching loss compared to Si IGBT.

Due to the high manufacturing difficulty of SiC, low wafer yield and low yield rate of good products result in SiC being priced 2 to 5 times higher than Si.

This configuration is very costly, and it is imperative for engineers to have an in-depth understanding of its principles, functions, and development trends to make the right choices.

Xiaomi Apologizes for SUV Specification Error 3

After receiving criticism, both CEO Liu Tao and the Qicheng Auto team have revised their statements and corrected the writing errors.

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