Xiaomi Demands Apology from Zhiji Motor for SU 7 Specs Error

Apology Issued by Zhiji Motor for Inaccurate Comparison with Xiaomi SU7

On April 9th, it was reported that during the Zhiji L6 launch event yesterday evening, Zhiji Motor had presented various data comparing their product to Xiaomi SU7, but an error was noticed in one of the comparison charts.

At 23:04, Zhiji CEO, Liu Tao, posted an apology on Weibo, stating, “Due to inaccurate research results on product information, there was a mistake in one piece of information during the launch event. Like Zhiji L6, Xiaomi SU7 also utilizes SIC silicon carbide modules for both front and rear motors. Xiaomi SU7 is indeed our respected competitor! Hereby, I sincerely apologize to Xiaomi Motors and everyone.”

Apology from Zhiji Motor

At 23:24, a spokesperson from Xiaomi demanded Zhiji Motor to publicly clarify and formally apologize to the misled public.

Xiaomi's Demand for Apology

At 23:38, Xiaomi’s spokesperson retweeted the Weibo post, stating, “We do not accept a casual apology,” and urged Zhiji Motor once again to promptly clarify and formally apologize to the misled public.

Xiaomi's Demand for Clarification

At 00:10, Xiaomi’s spokesperson reiterated, “Our patience has limits,” warning that if Zhiji Motor fails to issue a formal public apology, Xiaomi will resort to legal actions to protect its rights and will not respond further to the matter.

Xiaomi's Warning

At 00:47, Zhiji Motor issued an apology letter, stating that due to oversight in team content review, an error in a crucial parameter was made. It clarified that both front and rear motors of Xiaomi SU7 Max adopt SiC silicon carbide modules, consistent with the technology utilized in Zhiji L6, both adhering to industry-leading technical standards.

“Xiaomi Motors and its product SU7 are respected competitors! We deeply apologize for the negative impact on Xiaomi Motors due to our internal oversight, and sincerely apologize to all our fans and users!”

Zhiji Motor's Apology

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