Xiaomi SU7 Sentry Mode: Full View, 1.2-2.5kWh/night

On April 9th, Xiaomi’s official automotive department introduced the specific details of the “Sentry Mode” in their latest Q&A session.

The Xiaomi SU7’s Sentry Mode can activate six high-definition cameras simultaneously to record footage, offering a wide coverage, minimal blind spots, and little distortion.


When the Sentry Mode triggers an alert, users can remotely view the real-time surroundings of the vehicle through the Xiaomi Car app. They can also flash the lights, sound the horn, and even issue verbal warnings remotely (voice processed for privacy).

For the sake of public information security, any license plates or faces seen through the Xiaomi Car app are blurred out. Moreover, there is a limit of one hour per day for remote viewing to better protect public information security.

In terms of power consumption, based on comprehensive testing by engineers, in an outdoor environment at around 10℃, activating the Sentry Mode consumes approximately 1.2-2.5kWh per night (10 hours).

Xiaomi stated that due to the SU7’s Sentry Mode being able to access footage from six cameras simultaneously, the energy consumption is slightly higher compared to models using a four-camera recording setup.


Furthermore, the actual power consumption of the Sentry Mode is closely related to environmental temperature and the number of alarm triggers. Lower temperatures and more frequent alarms result in higher power consumption.

Recently, the Xiaomi SU7 has gained significant popularity, attracting crowds when parked in public places and thereby increasing the likelihood of triggering Sentry Mode alarms to some extent.

To save energy, users can activate the “Auto Close at Common Locations” feature. When enabled, the Sentry Mode automatically deactivates when the user is at home or work locations set on the map.

[Source: 快科技]

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