Apology to Xiaomi Auto for Spec Mix-up

Apology Letter to Xiaomi Auto for Specification Mix-Up

Dear Xiaomi Auto,

During the Intelligent Self L6 launch event on April 8, there was an error in the specification of the Xiaomi SU7, for which we sincerely apologize once again!

We would like to emphasize that, in this incident, there was no intention on our part to maliciously discredit Xiaomi Auto.

During Xiaomi Auto’s technology briefing on December 28 last year and the launch event of the Xiaomi SU7 on March 28 this year, Xiaomi Auto introduced the “800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform” and the “all-area silicon carbide truly 800V high-voltage platform.” As the specific types of motor power modules before and after the official release were not clearly stated, we conducted multiple surveys based on the information publicly available from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Xiaomi SU7 and consultations with experts from relevant supply chain enterprises.

Considering the prevailing technological trends in the industry, the survey results indicated that auxiliary drive asynchronous motors generally use IGBT power modules. Unfortunately, this survey result was inconsistent with Xiaomi Auto’s official claims. We sincerely apologize to Xiaomi Auto once again.

After the conclusion of the media interview at the Intelligent Self L6 launch event on April 8, we noticed the error in the power module information at 22:25 and promptly, at 23:04, adopted a sincere attitude of admitting mistakes and immediately clarified the information and apologized through the Weibo account of our co-CEO and spokesperson for the event, Liu Tao, under the handle “@IM Intelligent Self Liu Tao”.

Subsequently, the official Xiaomi spokesperson account, “@Xiaomi Company Spokesperson”, responded three times at 23:24, 23:38, and 00:10 on the 9th. In respect for Xiaomi’s official stance, we once again, at 00:47 on April 9, posted a letter of apology on Intelligent Self’s official Weibo account, “@IM Intelligent Self,” containing the clarification.

Regrettably, in the three official responses, “@Xiaomi Company Spokesperson” used morally derogatory terms such as “intentionally spreading rumors, discrediting, harassing, lacking decency,” escalating the language to a level that denies the corporate culture and values of Intelligent Self and its parent company SAIC Motor.

We would like to reiterate that we truly did not intend to discredit deliberately, nor do we have the intention or ability to challenge Xiaomi Auto’s significant influence. As Mr. Lei Jun said, the process of car manufacturing is arduous, and the Intelligent Self brand humbly accepts criticism. We also kindly ask “@Xiaomi Company Spokesperson” to heed Mr. Lei Jun’s advice and “exercise restraint in words”!

Technological innovation is undoubtedly the core driving force of societal progress. Let us join hands to provide consumers with more intelligent new energy products and lead the world in the field of new energy products in China!

Once again, we sincerely apologize to Xiaomi Auto!

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