HarmonyOS Salutes Xiaomi SU7’s Hot Sale!

Date: 2024-04-09 20:46:19
Author: Yao Liwei

HarmonyOS Salutes Xiaomi SU7's Hot Sale

On April 9th, Huawei’s official terminal Weibo announced that its first all-electric sedan, the Smart World S7, will officially debut at the HarmonyOS Spring Communication Conference on April 11th. Xiaomi founder Lei Jun also posted, “The next decade will be a decade of intelligence. China’s new energy vehicle industry will move forward together,” and wished the Smart World S7 great success. In response, the HarmonyOS Smart Travel official account commented, “Congratulations to General Lei for leading the Xiaomi automotive team to achieve a hot sale of SU7. A successful start! Let’s work together for the future journey!” This news sparked discussions among netizens.

According to relevant information, the Smart World S7 was first launched on November 28th last year, with a price range of RMB 249,800 to 349,800. Currently, there are four models on the market priced at RMB 249,800, 289,800, 319,800, and 349,800 respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the Smart World S7 overlaps significantly with Xiaomi’s SU7 in terms of product positioning and price range, making it a direct competitor to Xiaomi SU7. However, in this situation, Xiaomi’s founder still sent blessings to the Smart World S7, earning praise from netizens, “General Lei indeed has a broad vision.”

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