Huawei Announces Event; Debut of AI Sedan S7


When it comes to the concept of intelligence nowadays, from mobile devices to travel gear, the term “leading the way” has long become a national favorite. Undoubtedly, Huawei’s rapid progress in the tech industry and innovative research and development of core technologies are not to be underestimated anywhere, be it domestically or internationally. Recently, Huawei officially announced that the Spring Communication Conference will take place on April 11th, where the new version of Huawei’s Wisdom World S7 will be launched alongside groundbreaking PC products.

As the first smart car in the Hongmeng Smart Travel series, the Wisdom World S7 is naturally highly anticipated. With its strong product capabilities and the backing of Huawei’s cutting-edge technology, every move of the Wisdom World S7 is closely watched by enthusiasts.

The advanced HUAWEI DriveONE800V silicon carbide high-voltage power platform used in the Wisdom World S7 includes a combination of front AC asynchronous motor and rear permanent magnet synchronous motor in its four-wheel-drive version, with a total power of 365kW. The comprehensive CLTC range can reach up to 855km. The domestically rare 800V super-fast charging ensures a charging efficiency that is also “leading the way.”

It is said that good things come to those who wait, and patience pays off. The highly anticipated large-scale deliveries are just around the corner, as Yu Chengdong publicly announced at the “China Electric Vehicle Forum” that Wisdom World will return to normal operation in April. Accumulated orders will be expedited. Even if you place an order now, there is no need to worry about long delivery times. With increased production capacity and large-scale deliveries, future sales are worth looking forward to.

Running parallel to the large-scale deliveries is the OTA evolution of the vehicles, mainly in the breakthroughs in intelligent driving. New additions include urban intelligent driving navigation assistance NCA that does not rely on high-precision maps, valet parking assistance (AVP), lateral collision prevention assistance, 3D car control dashboard, and intelligent Xiao Yi features.

On the hardware side, Huawei has been well prepared. The Wisdom World S7 is equipped with 192-line LiDAR, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition cameras for perceiving surroundings in front, back, and sides, and 12 ultrasonic radars. It is an intelligent car with self-perception abilities, monitoring six directions. The departure from high-precision maps in the urban intelligent driving navigation assistance NCA precisely leverages its powerful perception hardware to guide the vehicle logically.

Regarding software compatibility, the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system is an irreplaceable core technology. Advanced algorithms enable environmental perception and driving decision-making. The GOD 2.0 network intelligently identifies obstacles such as water barriers, debris, and gravel that may affect vehicle movement. When combined with navigation, the perception area expands to the size of 2.5 football fields, keeping the vehicle always within a safe, controlled range. Additionally, with the urban LCCPlus joining in, the car can automatically stay centered in the lane, “observe” traffic lights autonomously, decelerate when encountering a red light, and smoothly proceed once the light turns green.

As a result of this integration of software and hardware, uncertainties such as narrow city roads, road maintenance, unnamed streets, and other road conditions can be accurately identified by the vehicle, allowing passengers to trust in the Wisdom World S7.

Certainly, with the urban NCA, the Wisdom World S7 has added a beginner mode. A certain amount of usage mileage is required to unlock a more comprehensive range of functions, including optimizing the hands-off detection method, automatically matching road speed limits when activating NCA, slowing down before entering the highway toll station, valet parking assistance (AVP), lateral collision prevention assistance, and more. Undoubtedly, this is a truly intelligent car that achieves a harmonious interaction between humans and vehicles. Transitioning from habits of traditional fuel cars to this requires some time for adaptation and getting accustomed to.


With Xiaomi entering the scene, the domestic intelligent new energy market is bound to witness a new round of intense competition and reshuffling. The Wisdom World S7, supported by Huawei’s technology, was labeled as “the most advanced black technology and the safest pure electric sedan” right from its launch. It carries numerous expectations and hopes. Therefore, this will be a model not to be missed. It is understood that in this communication meeting, Huawei will introduce a new version of the Wisdom World S7, once again significantly enhancing its product capabilities. The word-of-mouth after large-scale deliveries will truly determine the future direction of the Wisdom World.

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