Huawei: HarmonyOS S7 debuts on the 11th! Lei Jun: Wishes for success! Fans applaud: Visionary!

Huawei’s First Pure Electric Car, Smart Selection S7, Set to Debut at HarmonyOS Spring Communication Event

Today, on April 9th, Huawei Terminal’s official Weibo account announced that the first pure electric sedan under the Hongmeng Smart Selection, the Smart Selection S7, will be officially unveiled at the HarmonyOS Spring Communication Event on April 11th.

Notably, Xiaomi’s founder, Lei Jun, retweeted Huawei Terminal’s official Weibo, expressing, “The next decade will be a decade of intelligence. Let’s advance together in China’s new energy vehicle industry,” and wishing great success for the Smart Selection S7.

In the comments section, netizens are giving numerous thumbs-ups, recognizing the broad vision.

Huawei HarmonyOS S7

It is reported that this press conference will unveil a new version of the Smart Selection S7.

When it first debuted in November last year, the Smart Selection S7 caught attention with its innovative OneBox design, maximizing interior space with its integrated body structure and fluid golden curved surface design. With a length of 4971mm, a wheelbase of 2950mm, and a width of 1963mm.

In terms of configuration, the Smart Selection S7 is equipped with the new Huawei “Whale” 800V high-voltage battery platform, using the industry’s thinnest 800V high-voltage battery pack, ensuring high safety and long lifespan of the battery, and achieving high-rate fast charging.

Charging for 5 minutes can provide a range of over 200km, and charging for 15 minutes can extend the range to over 400km. According to CLTC testing standards, the range exceeds 800km, with a comprehensive electricity consumption of only 12.4kWh under the ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.203.

Huawei HarmonyOS S7

Huawei HarmonyOS S7

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