Monk’s a Xiaomi fan, LOL in comments with Civi phone at the SU7 launch.

After the Xiaomi SU7 press conference on March 28th, leaving aside other details, the overall buzz and attention were phenomenal. At least dozens of trending topics were related to Xiaomi SU7. Lei Jun mentioned that he should be called “Chief Lei” in the future, but the Mi Fans shouted out, refusing to address him as “Chief Lei” and insisting on calling him “Thunder God” instead. Chen Zhen, who frequently criticizes Xiaomi SU7, also made headlines quite often. In any case, the hype surrounding the event was unmatched.

Today, I came across a picture showing a monk visiting a Xiaomi store. It seems this monk is also a Mi Fan, holding what appears to be a Xiaomi Civi phone in his hand while examining the Xiaomi SU7, particularly in a Gulf Blue color variant. Perhaps a salesperson is seen next to him, giving an introduction. The monk is clearly focused on the Xiaomi SU7. Whether he made a purchase or not remains unknown, but one thing is certain – Xiaomi SU7 has caught the attention of many.

Monk at Xiaomi Store

Speaking of Xiaomi SU7, its design and marketing indeed capture attention. Initially, there were some cancellations and refund requests for the first batch of Xiaomi SU7, leading to a small uproar. Nonetheless, within a few days, there were 100,000 pre-orders for the first batch, with 40,000 of them already locked in – a truly fiery response. However, a new challenge emerged: reports suggest mounting delivery pressures. Some customers who pre-ordered the Xiaomi SU7 Max may have to wait until weeks 29 to 32 to receive their orders, which stretches into 2025.

Furthermore, for both the Xiaomi SU7 and SU7 Pro versions, some customers anticipate waiting up to 26 to 27 weeks for delivery. This is Xiaomi’s first foray into the automotive industry, and facing such high demand reveals delivery challenges. This situation is quite normal; other automakers like Tesla have encountered similar issues.

Back in the day, Musk even lived in the factory to expedite progress. Some jest that maybe Lei Jun should also work at the factory, even if it means tightening a few screws – it might speed up the process.

Monk at Xiaomi Store

The launch of Xiaomi SU7 caused a significant surge in Xiaomi’s stock price, even exceeding its IPO price momentarily, reaching a high of HK$17.34 per share. Subsequently, it has slightly decreased and currently stands at HK$15.56 per share, hinting at a bullish outlook for Xiaomi’s market value. Former Meizu executive Li Nan remarked:

“With an annual production capacity of 80,000 units, even if this time we assume a loss with each unit sold and a loss of 10,000 RMB, the static calculation without a price reduction shows an annual loss of 800 million RMB. However, with a trade volume of around 18 billion RMB in a year, things will remain steady. If the capital market assigns twice the market value to this 18 billion transaction volume, it implies a 360 billion RMB increase in Xiaomi’s market value through its automotive business. Selling just 2.5% of the shares will break even – not to mention turning a profit.”

Li Nan’s analysis holds merit. The ensuing hurricane of response and market reactions predominantly stem from the capital market’s feedback. The debut of Xiaomi SU7 has undeniably propelled Xiaomi and Lei Jun to the peak of their careers, affirming their entrepreneurial journey. This validation establishes Xiaomi and Lei Jun in an unbeatable position. Although Xiaomi SU7 is just the beginning, this crucial start paves the way for the foundation of Xiaomi’s automotive branch. Subsequent models are projected to be more mature and stable.

Monk at Xiaomi Store

Even monks are taking an interest in Xiaomi SU7! After the image of the monk at the event surfaced online, it sparked various discussions, many of them light-hearted:

“Xiaomi is vegetarian, BMW is non-veg.”
“Why would a vegetarian monk buy a ‘Veg 7’? Sounds ironic.”
“The monk is keeping up with the times – Xiaomi is vegetarian-themed, the name is ‘Veg 7,’ so buying a ‘veggie’ smartphone is the right move.”
“Even Brother Lei approves, with the support of the grandmaster, Xiaomi’s automotive sector is set.”
“Xiaomi’s automotive sector is thriving. I hereby declare Lei Jun as the Thunder God. Attracting attention from all walks of life is the true mark of success.”
“Seems like it’s all the rage. Next up, deliveries. If Lei Jun wants to be called Chief Lei, he should personally oversee the operations – maybe even tighten a few screws himself.”

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