Vision Pro Wear Leads to Pain? Users Report Headaches & Backaches

Reports of Discomfort Among Some Apple Vision Pro Users

On April 10th, according to MarketWatch, some Apple Vision Pro users have taken to social media to report experiencing headaches, backaches, and eye pain after wearing the Vision Pro.

Emily Olman, a marketing director at a marketing firm, mentioned that she developed noticeable dark circles under her eyes after wearing the Apple Vision Pro for the first time. She also pointed out that the weight of the Vision Pro caused pressure on her face. Ian Beacraft, CEO of a consulting firm, mentioned feeling pain at the back of his head and his back after using the Apple Vision Pro. Some Apple Vision Pro users on social media said that switching to third-party accessories alleviated the discomfort.

Vision Pro Wear Leads to Pain

Apple officially recommends users to take a break every 20-30 minutes while wearing the Vision Pro. If users feel eye strain, headaches, or back pain, it is advised to stop using the device.

Since the pre-orders for Vision Pro started in January this year, it has gained immense popularity. The weight of the headsets varies between 600g and 650g, with the battery weighing 353g.

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