Xiaomi SU7 Flaw Exposed? Official: No Reports Yet

Xiaomi SU7: Unveiling Flaws Amidst High Popularity

In the current Chinese automotive market, the Xiaomi SU7 is undeniably the talk of the town, with few models being able to rival its popularity. Xiaomi’s marketing strategies truly stand out, earning them well-deserved recognition. However, amidst this high popularity, as stated by Lei Jun, the Xiaomi SU7 is also under intense scrutiny.

Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi SU7 Design Flaw Exposed

Recently, the topic of “Xiaomi SU7 design flaws” has once again sparked significant attention and even trended on social media. According to some bloggers, adjusting the seat height and reclining the backrest of the Xiaomi SU7 to the maximum can cause the makeup mirror glass on the sun visor to shatter.

Perhaps benefiting from the “high popularity” of the Xiaomi SU7, this topic quickly gained considerable attention in the domestic automotive market upon its release.

In response, Xiaomi’s customer service quickly addressed the issue, stating that they have “not yet received any relevant feedback.” Apparently, Xiaomi’s official channels have not received any complaints regarding this matter.

Car Troubles

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

It’s often said that with fame comes controversy, and this holds true for automotive models as well. If a car becomes popular, it’s likely to attract both praise and criticism. The Xiaomi SU7 perfectly illustrates this phenomenon.

As the “top player” in the domestic automotive market, the Xiaomi SU7’s popularity is unmatched. However, with this high popularity comes a slew of controversies.

Regarding the aforementioned “design flaw,” it’s unlikely that many users would adjust the seat to the extreme positions mentioned for regular use.

Xiaomi SU7

Bumps in the Road for Xiaomi SU7

However, for the Xiaomi SU7, it seems to be experiencing a series of setbacks. On April 7th, Ms. Mo from Shenzhen, Guangdong, stated that her purchased Xiaomi SU7 Founders Edition was damaged during transportation, resulting in a paint chip on the front hood. Despite the offer of repainting and compensation of 5000 points (equivalent to approximately RMB 500), Ms. Mo refused.

Subsequently, the offer was increased to a maximum of 20,000 points, but without the option for a new car replacement. If she chose to return the car, the deposit would not be refunded. Ms. Mo refused again and insisted on a new car replacement.

Xiaomi SU7

Addressing Concerns

Regarding this matter, Xiaomi’s customer service stated that they cannot replace the car. If reordering, it would take a considerable amount of time, and they suggested negotiating with the delivery center, promising future policies to address such issues.

Furthermore, the staff at the Shenzhen Xiaomi Car Delivery Center stated that they would handle the issue personally regarding owner privacy concerns.

Additionally, there have been reports from users regarding seat bulges and uneven paint on Xiaomi display cars. Xiaomi’s official response attributed this to the high volume of test drives, exceeding 5,000 individuals per day.

Xiaomi SU7

Moving Forward

Xiaomi Cars have not chosen to evade or delay addressing these issues, which is commendable compared to some other car companies.

As a newly established automotive brand, the Xiaomi SU7, as its flagship mass-produced model, has garnered significant attention. The emergence of such controversies is understandable.

After all, the growth of any new entity is bound to face challenges. Only through scrutiny and overcoming obstacles can true potential be realized.

Xiaomi SU7

For Xiaomi Cars, it’s no different. It’s foreseeable that there may be further questioning and setbacks on the road to growth.

However, with Xiaomi Cars’ decision to enter the market competition, they are undoubtedly prepared to handle such challenges. Here’s to wishing Xiaomi Cars continuous success in the domestic automotive market by delivering better product experiences, dispelling doubts and setbacks, and achieving a promising market development outlook.


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