Xiaomi SU7 Founder’s Edition resale value up by $7k; 200 inquiries in 3 days

2024-04-09 11:21:22 Author: Yao Liwei

According to the latest report, the popularity of Xiaomi’s car SU7 continues to soar, with a current waiting period of at least six months after placing an order before the delivery of the vehicle. As per the information previously displayed on the Xiaomi car app, it is estimated that Xiaomi SU7 Max would take 29 to 32 weeks from the date of order locking to be delivered.

Given that we are already in April, a 32-week waiting period would almost certainly postpone the delivery to 2025. Additionally, both the Xiaomi SU7 and Xiaomi SU7 Pro versions are facing significant delivery pressures, with an estimated delivery time of up to 26 weeks and 27 weeks respectively.

With such tight supply, the previously launched 5000 units of the Founders Edition have become particularly sought after. Recently, on a certain platform, a used

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